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The Systemic is SELF-DEFINING

MM Book 2 Chapter 10-20

Psalm 23:5 “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over” = God will fill you with love if you let him, to overflowing !! – drink the cup of water given in Christ’s name, because we are the *anointed* who *belong* to Christ [Matt 9:41] — he who worships the Beast and his Image, and receives his mark in his forehead [BEING], or in his hand [DOING; the COG Inc., who ** BELONG NOT ** to Christ], the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out WITHOUT MIXTURE [Babylon = confusion by mixing] into the cup of His indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the Holy Angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: [Rev 14:8-9] – God will NOT contribute to the misery in the world; this cup is against COG error/iniquity and is MERCY and TRUTH, the pure [fire] and purifying [brimstone] Word of God !! – GOD DOES NOT BEAT HIS CHILDREN INTO SUBMISSION, HE LOVES THEM TO LIFE; GOD’S WAYS ARE *NOT* MAN’S WAYS !! – this is the REVELATION, the APOCALYPSE, when the COG’s error is “revealed” and corrected; their torment is the SHAME felt as they are purified to become God Family !! – Christ and the Holy Angels are there for teaching and support NOT to witness pain, anguish, torture [the everyday witness soon to be changed, beginning with the COG]: KNOW CHRIST, HIS *LOVE* [His nature of interaction; God's character] !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 10-21

The Systemic is SELF-DEFINING, ie., the S&L debacle, the Dot.Com’s, Enron and Worldcom-MCI [criminal fraud], and the present “world financial crisis” [Sep.2008-present; the theft of the past, present and future]; “generally accepted accounting practises” = the *lack* of accountability, responsibility, trust — corporate politico-business, and self-defined Christian-ity [most professing Christ-ians, including the COG Inc.], DO *NOT* FIT INTO GOD’S DEFINITION(S) !! – individually our “being and doing” define us; WE MUST PUT ON ** THE CHRIST DEFINITION **, THE AGAPE RELATIONSHIP WITH ALL THINGS, this is what must be RESTORED !! – WORK [G2716 perform, accomplish, achieve; root G2041 ergon, instrumentality] OUT ** YOUR OWN SALVATION ** IN RESPECT AND AWE [Phil 2:12], IN FELLOWSHIP, IN CONCERT WITH OTHERS, YOUR CITIZENSHIP [G4176 politeuomai - live - let (one's) conversation be 1) to be a citizen 2) to administer civil affairs, manage the state 3) to make or create a citizen 3a) to be a citizen 3b) to behave as a citizen; to avail one's self of or recognise the laws; to conduct one's self as pledged to some law of life] WORTHY OF THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST [Phil 1:27] – people seek comfort [self-worth; assurance; validation]; WE MUST PROVIDE THE COMFORT, THE AGAPE RELATIONSHIP, GOD WILL PROVIDE THE COMFORTER TO MAKE IT ALL POSSIBLE: THE COMFORTER PROVIDES THE COMFORT, WE HAVE THE RESPONSE-ABILITY, the MINISTRATION of “God’s” spiritual gifts !! vs. the ** lack of comfort ** that drives the self-medication [sex, food, drugs, media, appearance, status, etc.] within the comfortless systemic, and this includes tribalization: selfish family, selfish Christ-ian-ity, politics, etc. – WE HAVE BEEN FITTED FOR ROBES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, MEASURED *BY* CHRIST [upon repentance and Baptism], THEY MUST *REMAIN* WHITE, PURE, *NOT* FILTHY RAGS NEEDING TO BE WASHED IN THE BLOOD OF CHRIST, IN SHAME !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 10-22

Systemic failure [true face shown]/greed, dishonesty = T$’s lost in share value, etc. [manipulated stock market profit = gain at another's loss] – “insider” trading [inside knowledge used prior to public release] vs. “disclosure rules/law” – auditors-regulators-brokers complicit [monetary mechanisms, use of trading indicator(s), fraudulent schemes] – government “politico-business” loath to risk offending the corporations [the SAGE] will result in cosmetic laws, selective prosecution(s) – public monies, pension funds, etc., at risk; “investor victimization” is the result of a “lack of knowledge”; INVESTORS MUST DEFEND THEMSELVES BY KNOWLEDGE AND APPLICATION OF THE SAME – use of “corporate monies”, investing in corporatism, maintaining MAMMON, will change nothing, it is the NATURE OF THE BEAST – WE MUST *CHOOSE* A NEW SYSTEMIC, THE ** CHRIST-SYSTEMIC **, A NEW NATURE OF INTER-ACTION !! — governmental “leaders” are complicit in the very same practises [public and private], as is “their” governments: THE PUBLIC MUST OVERCOME THE INSTILLED FEAR AND TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR LIVES [the "earning" of public confidence by those in power, as a controlling, regulating mechanism, is a myth; the violation of a manipulated and created "public trust", that is of itself a violation of the very same public] !! – THE SYSTEMIC OFFERS US NO CHOICE BUT ITSELF, UNDER THREAT, BUT GOD DOES, UNDER *PROMISE* !! – IT IS UP TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US, acting individually and then collectively *as* community !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 10-23

There is a “realization” growing, but will it take root in “good ground”, will it result in “conscientious objection”, THE CALL OF GOD, TO HIM, HIS SYSTEMIC ?? – will the symptoms disclose the disease, or will it go unrecognized, or worse, ignored, again ?? – society must choose a “new body”, the body of Christ, and the COG must pluck out, cut off, and cast away its infected parts, the “Inc.” [Matt 5:29-30, 18:7-9, Mark 9:43-47] !! – our “locked and gated” selfish-communities must be unlocked, opened, and shared freely, without claim [without money, without price (Isa 52:3, 55:1)], ** TO FREELY SHARE *ALL* THAT GOD HAS FREELY SHARED WITH US ** — we must be emancipated from the “master” of NEED, the systemic slavery [the commodification of life] and the hierarchical, authoritarian model engendered – the secular understanding of this is loosely termed libertarian-anarchism, or communitarianism, but when you add God’s consciousness as governing principle, it becomes the Christ-Systemic, not just another “-ism”, a form of business – Human self-realization is only possible through God, His freedom and liberty given as gift; the beginning of self-realization leads to conscientious objection which in turn leads either to the Call of God [seeing beyond self] or to the opposite, selfish individualism [just another form of authoritarianism, an imposed will of others, a rejection of the God relationship].

MM Book 2 Chapter 10-24

You cannot “vote out” those who you did not “vote in”, those behind the elected body(-ies), those who actually “govern” and “manage” society, those beneath the visible, moulded surface [the face behind the mask]: the SAGE, those whose interest(s) *are* the “national interest(s)”, those of concentrated global power and position, the oligarchy who socialize costs and risks onto the public-Nation, the corporate global elite, whose “might is right” – this corporate-consciousness [and its "high priests"] is NOT a “conspiracy theory”, it is an instilled and imposed way of “being and doing” [a variant, yet 6000 years old; the "US" of America was founded within it, and by it; "America" (its ideals) were placed upon it and it became the foundation, the inseparable mythic: God and Nation)] but it is diametrically opposed to God’s Way, and Christ called it “evil” in totality, as an instrumentality [means; instrument of mentality] – our educational institutions and media [especially advertising/pr] are its main proponents: the manufactured consent [Noam Chomsky], the selfish desires engendered, and the commodification of life itself [of Christ] plugs us in and holds us in servitude to it – CHRIST CALLS US *OUT* OF THIS “CREATED”, EVIL WORLD, ITS SYSTEMIC [the "UNEQUAL YOKE"], INTO HIS WORLD, HIS WAY [utilizing the CHRIST-SYSTEMIC] – WE MUST BE A NEW CREATION, WE MUST BE *AS* GOD IN THE WORLD [man's world; a wheel within a wheel (course; way of life)] !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 10-25

The tribunal, the court of public opinion must be enlightened [Christ is Light, Truth; JUDGEMENT = GOD, JUDGEMENT *IS* GOD (as touchstone)] – GOD’S “JUDGEMENT” IS FOR US TO BE HIS FAMILY: we are sentenced to Liberty and LIFE, to CHRIST; we are called to repentance and life !! – this world [its sin; the absence of God's character] sentences us to imprisonment [to its systemic], and death [as "penalty", as result of ourselves]: “evil shall slay the wicked” [Psm 34:21], “there shall be no reward to the evil man; the candle [H5216 lamp (means; the burner) and/or the light] of the wicked shall be put out [H1846 TO GO OUT, BE EXTINGUISHED, DRY UP, ** TO BE MADE EXTINCT **, BE DRIED UP; TO BE EXTINGUISHED, BE QUENCHED"] [Pr 24:20]: ** MANKIND IS IN EXTINCTION MODE **, WE WILL BURN OUT, CONSUME OURSELVES UNLESS CHRIST QUENCHES [by Water of Life] THE EVIL: Christ paid the penalty for us, and He will intervene, BUT FIRST, WE MUST, AS THE BODY OF CHRIST, *PREPARE* THE GOSPEL, OUR RESPONSE-ABILITY vs. the growing and deepening darkness [faith (light kindled) must be found by Christ when He returns (Luke 18:8); WE WILL LIGHT THE WORLD, the HONOR is ours *with* Christ] !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 10-26

The COG must return to Christ [withdrawal; undefiled by the Inc.]; He will return, His “flesh” must be saved *ALIVE* – ARE WE ALIVE *IN* CHRIST, OR AGAIN CONSIDERED DEAD IN THE WORLD [the second death] ?? – to be *alive* with Christ means to be “*dead* with Christ from the rudiments [G4747 principles; material causes; G4748 the walk; to direct one's life] of the world [G2889 kosmos; instrumentality]” [Col 2:20] – WE MUST BE SEPARATE, NOT COMPLICIT IN THIS WORLD; ** WE ARE SEPARATED WITH CHRIST, WE ARE ALIVE ** – WE ARE RECONCILED TO GOD BY CHRIST’S DEATH AND SHALL BE SAVED BY HIS LIFE, we are no longer “enemies” of God [Rom 5:10]; WE WERE/ARE RECONCILED BY OUR REJECTION OF THIS WORLD’S SYSTEMIC [dead to Mammon] AND BY OUR CHOICE OF THE CHRIST-SYSTEMIC [alive to Messiah] !!

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