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Szandor Blestman: Thinking, It's not For Humans Anymore

Thinking, It's not For Humans Anymore
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October 19, 2010 | Szandor Blestman | Silver Bear Cafe

It doesn't matter what I think. Really. If it did, we'd all be living free right now. We'd all have domain over our bodies and minds. We wouldn't be paying taxes. We wouldn't be worried about the penalties for questioning the authority of strangers who claim to represent our interests. We'd be able to put into our bodies what we want, for we would have self ownership and we'd be able to associate with who we want for they would also have self ownership. We wouldn't have to worry about government spies poking about trying to determine our political, religious, or philosophical beliefs. We wouldn't have to be dependent upon government agencies who have failed and proven to be incompetent and corrupt time and again.

If you're reading this than it's more than likely it doesn't matter what you think either. You're likely part of the 99.99% of the world's population that isn't supposed to think. At least, that's the impression I get these days. It seems to me that more and more the government wants control. It seems that it only matters, at least when it comes to economic policy, what a very few elite at the top think.

This was more than evident when it came to the bailouts. Our supposed representatives admitted that they had massive calls opposing the bank bailouts. I heard at least one case of 300 to 1 against. Yet somehow this massively unpopular legislation went through. What happened to democracy? Our government makes these grandiose claims that they are protecting democracy and bringing it to the poor of the world, yet they won't even exercise it in their own legislation.

It was apparent that it doesn't matter what you think when it came to the recent healthcare legislation. The democrats had a majority control in both the house and senate and their man was sitting in the White House. They were determined to ram it through. Despite the battles, despite the animated protests, despite the boisterous confrontations at town hall meetings, the democrats decided that what they thought was more important than what you thought (unless you agreed with them) and they decided to cram that legislative tome down the throats of the American people.

It's most recently apparent by remarks made by Eric Holder that they couldn't care less what the people in California think. If proposition 19 passes, he promises to crack down on marijuana in California. Democracy doesn't seem to matter to Mr. Holder. Doing what is right and allowing people to decide for themselves what products of nature they want to consume doesn't matter to Mr. Holder. What you think doesn't matter to Mr. Holder. All that matters is what Mr. Holder thinks. All that matters is his attempt to maintain his power. All that matters is that he has command of an army enforcers who let him do their thinking for them. That situation, to me, is the most telling of them all, for it shows without a doubt how frightened they are of people thinking for themselves.

What this situation demonstrates, at least in my eyes, is a deeper problem with the system. The elite at the top have control, and they don't care what you or I or anyone else thinks. They don't care how you feel. They simply don't give two poops in a handbag about you or anyone else who isn't running in their inner circles. The elites are going to do what the elites want to do, and yet they can't. You see, they do know that we outnumber them by about a million to one or so. They know that if we figure that out then we are likely to realize just how much power we really have. They are frightened because they don't want to give up what they believe is theirs.

While it might not matter what you or I think as individuals, it does start to matter if enough people start to think in certain ways. That's why those at the top want to control what you and I think. That's why they want to hide or misrepresent certain information. That's why they want to control the school system and what the children learn. That's why they want to control the media and the news you see. That's why they want to censor the Internet, where the dissidents dwell. The elite don't want you to see reality, they want you to see the reality they present. They want you to believe in their collectivist system, to think in their collectivist terms, so that they can enslave your collectivist minds and snuff out any notion of the importance of the individual.

The elite don't want anyone thinking. The less the masses think, the greater control they can have over them. They pay people big bucks to do the thinking that matters, and they pay them to think of ways to maintain control. But their system seems to be falling apart right before our eyes. As the base of the pyramid awakens, the foundations shake. Those at the top have the farthest to fall, but a pyramid is a pretty solid structure. They likely plan on landing on another part of the pyramid and building another foundation.

It's time to think about who's at the top of the heap. It's time to recognize the power structure and realize who's pulling the strings. It's time to put some thought into where all this is heading and to let those at the top know that we are thinking, and that our thoughts do matter. The super rich have taken us at the bottom of the pyramid for a ride. Not the wealthy, not the upper middle class, not the small business man who has made good, but the super rich. The owners of the central banks. Those in control of the mega global corporations. The too big to fail. They are the ones pulling the strings of governments worldwide. They are the ones who have led us into the current mess we find ourselves in. They are the ones who need to relinquish control so that we can all work individually to get us out of it.

It's time to start moving toward a place where it does matter what you think. It's time to move in a different direction. It's time to take back the power of the individual and use it for the betterment of society. This can be done in many ways, but it can start by paring down the federal government. It can start by letting them know that we will hold them accountable. It can start by demanding in no uncertain terms that they obey the laws written to restrain their power, that they follow the Constitution that they take an oath to uphold and stop trying to create a centralized, fascistic style corporate state. They need to leave us alone, to let us make the decisions about where we spend the money we earn, and stop trying to establish a world empire run by a corporate elite.

Voting for the lesser of two evils is no longer enough. We need better mechanism to hold those in office accountable. We need a fairer justice system where those who have been given the public trust are actually punished if they misuse that trust or become corrupt. We need to start taking back our local politics, to start speaking out against unjust laws, and to allow more competition and choice when it comes to services that have been monopolized for far too long by government agencies. We need to create a system where honest hard work is rewarded, putting a dollar into savings is meaningful, and private property is honored. These are the principles for which this nation was built, and they are the principles that have been forgotten and discarded by the ruling elite who want to do the thinking for everyone else. It may be a long, hard journey, but it is one that is possible providing we all just put some thought into it.

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