Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mayberry: I Watch, With Pity...

I Watch, With Pity...
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I'm watching all these "protests" going on, knowing all are in vain. The "Online Tax Revolt", which I did join just for shits and grins, really is a complete joke. CONgress is probably laughing their asses off at that one. The "Tea Party" rallies, taken over by Repugnicans. Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney. BARF! Doesn't anyone realize that Romney is responsible for Taxachussettes' communist healthcare? But he's against big government. Sure, and Hugo Chavez is against censorship....

I'm watching the new castrati staging their "armed" rally for Second Amendment rights, safely across the line in Virginia, where carrying a loaded pistol is legal. Their rifles will be slung on their backs, unloaded, muzzle to the ground, in pitiful subservience to a bunch of bullshit rules and regulations, created by a bunch of Viagra popping bureaucrats looking for their last hurrah. Seeking their mental hard-on by imposing their will via position of "power" over us "underlings". Piss on that. I will not bow to the will of any man. If I carry a weapon, it will be loaded. It will be ready for it's intended use, to hell with the mandates of cowards who fear those who would assert their rights as granted by their Creator.

That, my friends, is why the erectile dysfunctional "ruling class" is trying to demonize and marginalize Christianity. Because they fear anyone who understands that their right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is granted by God, not some limp noodle with a title in an overpriced suit.

The fear of Free thinking individuals is the impetus for their ever expanding web of control and regulation. They are cowards of the first order, incapable of, or unwilling to either produce for, or defend themselves. Instead, they create an impenetrable web of lies and deceit, branded under the trademark of "law", which only they have the capacity to understand, or the ability to implement in an "equitable" fashion.

I don't buy any of that for a minute. And they don't either, which is why they've gone to such great lengths to indoctrinate/enslave us, via threat of violence/incarceration. That is why they come up with non-crimes like "sedition". That is why they seek to stifle Free Speech via rose colored regulations like the "fairness" doctrine. That is why they seek to monitor every aspect of our lives through garbage like the "patriot" act...

They play on weak minded individuals' desire for "safety" and "security", and introduce false "threats" to bolster their position as "provider". They bring us such garbage as "political correctness", in order to divide us and keep us preoccupied. They continually stir up "racial tensions", in order to keep us off balance.

Tell me, do any of y'all give a crap what color anyone is? I don't, and I suspect 99% of us don't either. We prepper folk are intelligent, and we've moved way past racial divides. We judge folks on the content of their character, not their skin color or ethnicity. Yet the PTB work as hard as they can to keep racial divides open and festering.

I could give a rat's ass what color you are, where you're from, what religion you are..... All I need to know is if you're a good person, period. Scumbags come from every walk of life. White, black, brown, yellow, or orange with purple polka-dots, it makes no difference. I will stand in defence of a black Muslim who believes in Liberty, and shoot a white "Christian" shithead who rapes, steals, or otherwise pisses me off.

But the PTB wants to paint me as a "racist redneck tea bagging domestic terrorist sumbitch" because I oppose their tyranny. Well, I do oppose their tyranny. Tough shit.

I will not oppose it by some castrated "demonstration". No weak ass "protest" will make any difference. The bastards "in charge" rule by threat of force, and that is the only thing they understand. You will not garner their full attention unless you employ their own tactics. Want to impress the PTB? Piss on their "laws". March on DC locked and loaded, in open defiance of their unConstitutional "laws". Peacefully, of course. Let those bastards fire the first round. Prove them the cowardly dictators that they are. Never stand down, never surrender. You know you are in the right.... Stay tuned....

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