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Oath Keepers Withdraws From Virginia Open Carry Rally

Oath Keepers withdraws from Virginia Open Carry Rally
April 12, 2010 Las Vegas, Nevada
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Oath Keepers withdraws from Virginia Open Carry Rally

The Board of Directors of Oath Keepers, Inc. has decided against participating in the “Restore the Constitution” rally in Virginia near Washington D.C. scheduled for April 19, 2010. That rally is organized by a very honorable U.S. Marine Corps veteran who saw combat in Iraq, and who is also a patriotic member in Oath Keepers. The organizer is Daniel Almond of the Georgia Oath Keepers Chapter. Oath Keepers salutes Daniel Almond for organizing this pro-Constitution rally.

Oath Keepers endorses Americans’ protected right to keep, and bear, arms. In keeping with our stance, Oath Keepers’ representatives have recently performed oath ceremonies at open-carry rallies at several State capitols, including before the capitol buildings in Kentucky and Montana. We fully support the right of Americans to peaceably assemble and publicly exercise their right to bear arms right along with their right to free speech, association, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

However, because of published statements by some participants in the upcoming Virginia rally, Oath Keepers as an organization feels that a confrontational stance, such as has been published, places this event, in public perception, outside the terms of our stated and published mission. The mission of Oath Keepers is not to confront the government. Instead, our mission is to reach out to people within government – to police, military, firefighters and first responders – to teach them about their obligations under the oath they took to defend the Constitution, to increase their knowledge of the Constitution, and to inspire them to defend it by refusing to obey unconstitutional, unlawful orders. That’s it. And if we can reach enough of them with that message, it could prevent possible future egregious violations of the Bill of Rights in a very peaceful way. Confronting the government is not included in the Oath Keepers stated and published mission and as an educational organization focused on the current serving, Oath Keepers refrains from confrontation in deed and rhetoric.

Oath Keepers wishes Daniel Almond and all his supporters a fruitful and meaningful rally. Oath Keepers is not asking our membership to withdraw from attendance, but Oath Keepers is formally asking all Oath Keeper members who attend to do so as individuals, not as representatives of Oath Keepers. We are further requesting that Oath Keeper gear and garments not be worn at this event.

Oath Keepers shall, as planned, participate in the Washington D.C. Second Amendment March on April 19 (www.secondamendmentmarch.com) and shall offer the public an Oath Keepers ceremony in which citizens can themselves stand and reverently take an oath to defend the Constitution right along with current and prior service police, military, and fire personnel (who will be renewing their oaths), all together as patriotic Americans. Please see our banner announcement for this march in Washington D.C. on April 19, 2010, at www.oathkeepers.org

Stewart Rhodes, Founder and National President, Oath Keepers, Inc.
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