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Giordano Bruno: The New American: A Rebirth Of The Old Guard

The New American: A Rebirth Of The Old Guard
by Giordano Bruno article link
July 26, 2010 | Neithercorp Press

People no longer believe in the existence of heroes. By heroes, I do not mean synthetic pop culture icons and sports stars, or mass media generated two faced chimera politicians. I do not mean those fraudulent public figures and false idols which are thrust into the establishment limelight and into our collective faces everyday. By heroes, I mean those ordinary men and women throughout the ages who stood firm against extraordinary corruption and overwhelming social evil. I mean those who had the will to risk everything for truth and an honorable tomorrow, often receiving no recognition for their sacrifice. Today, such heroes are considered a distant memory, a mythology from days long since drowned in the tides of history. How we yearn for those tides to turn...

In our modern era, the shadow of elitism appears to have cast across the whole of the world and permeated every facet of this culture. Many Americans have become so overwhelmed in the face of such unrelenting and widespread government and corporate criminality that they have collapsed in on themselves, hiding behind cynicism, narcissism, and nihilism. They see the horrors of modern life as some disturbed comedy designed for their entertainment. They escape into fantasy worlds and chemical dependency in order to numb the shame they feel, the crushing inadequacy of being unable or unwilling to determine their own destiny. They feel like ghosts, hovering through life as insignificant wisps of vapor. Deep down, they know they have failed themselves, but still, they blame everyone else.

However, for every negative force that exists in nature, in physics, and in the psychology of the human mind, there always arises a positive and opposing strength. It is an undeniable law of the universe. I believe it has taken so long for men to rally against the evils of elitism because the elites have taken special care in making sure they could not be easily defined. They have hidden behind organizations, political parties, and money, for decades if not centuries. Good people cannot fight back against an enemy they cannot clearly see, and heroes cannot rise to occasion against an opponent that has no face and no name. Thanks to the efforts of the Liberty Movement, though, the obscurity of elitists and globalists has come to an end, and we now know who the true enemy is.

The next step requires the reformation of the defenders of old. The reinstitution of legitimate American stewardship, founded by the Constitutionalists and free thinkers at the birth of this country. Though there is much to fear in the path our society has recently taken, even now I see a return to clarity and principle. Even now, I can see the rebirth of the Old American Guard.

In this article, we will examine just some of the qualities that distinguish these men and women...

Fighting For Truth In An Age Of Lies

When men first hear the truth of a thing, the unfiltered unfettered truth, their most common and predictable reaction is invariably one of disbelief. A wise man, or even a moderately intelligent one, would expect that new truths will arise from the ashes of dead notions. They would expect that there are vast reaches of knowledge in this world we have yet to tap, and that every once in a while, our previous assumptions on life will be dashed against the rocky shores of reality. However, most people in today’s culture of mental and philosophical "leisure" are not intuitively wise, and in some cases their ability to rationally observe any situation is highly questionable. The truth, for them, is less like an inspirational moment of empowerment, and more like a blood curdling shark attack. For those with a narrow and manipulated world view, the truth is a terrifying threat.

Often, human beings tend to classify truth through "repetition", instead of through objective observation and evidence. What this means is, we tend to assume that the viewpoint we hear the most everyday must be the correct view, regardless of whether or not it is supported by tangible fact. When new information, correct information based on solid data, breaks into the light of day, those who base their entire world view on repetition will be left in the dust, wondering how everything could change right under their noses. Sometimes, these people cling to their once widely accepted presumptions for the rest of their lives. For them, the Earth is flat forever.

What we have seen in the past decade or so, though, is a great movement towards embracing the truth despite the wailing of the now dying mainstream. Millions of Americans are turning off their televisions and actively seeking out information for themselves through alternative sources outside the influence of corporate globalists. In the "New America" (which is really just the return of the old America), the proliferation of disinformation is UNACCEPTABLE, and will no longer be tolerated. Guardians today are those people who have chosen to stand against our cultural misconceptions and propaganda, facing ridicule, censorship, and even physical harm. They tear into the great lie like attack dogs locking their jaws and never letting go, they are shaken about and beaten and yet they still hold on, until finally, the lie exhausts itself, and fades away. The New American has rediscovered the perseverance of his forebears, and the will to endure.

If this is to continue, the ideal of transparency in government must be instituted as strict social policy, and the pursuit of the truth must be ingrained into our national consciousness. A respect for self awareness, individuality, and personal honesty, must become the foundation of our civilization. The current system, which makes paths for the dishonest, cradles the vicious, coddles the weak spirited, and rewards those who lack conscience, must be cut away. It is up to the New American to do this.

True Patriots vs Fake Nationalists

Patriotism is a highly abused and misappropriated term. The exploitation of the methodology is evident in the propaganda of the Neo-Conservative movement (an elitist construct), especially during George W. Bush’s two terms in office. Interestingly, it has been real conservatives, as opposed to neo-cons, which have now sought to rebalance and reintroduce the concept of patriotism once again. The internal conflict of the Republican Party at this time, between the rising Liberty Movement and the falling Neo-Cons, illustrates the true nature of patriotism well.

In the past, we have been wrongly instructed to treat patriotism as a political weapon, a tool for shaming those who question the status quo. We have been taught that to be patriotic, one must become blindly nationalistic. This is not what the founders intended. A country is nothing without principles. A government that does not represent the root standards and principles of the country they are meant to lead is not a government that we the people are meant to follow. A nationalist ignorantly places government on a pedestal as the symbol of a people; a patriot places the solid founding principles of his nation above all else and dismantles any government that does not. A patriot demands that government adhere to the will of the people. A nationalist demands that people adhere to the will of government.

The New Americans, taking the torch from the old guard, are putting the manipulation of patriotism to an end. We are no longer allowing the establishment to define our beliefs for us, and are forcing them to either adopt the Constitutionalist methods which originated this country, or to relinquish their power. No longer will we be fooled into associating the twisted philosophies of a corrupt government with our own national identity.

No Fear, No Regrets

The New American answers to no one but his own conscience. All other directives are secondary. Because of this way of life, he rarely has any reason to regret any decision he has ever made.

He does not pander at his workplace. He is never a yes-man or a leech. Nowhere is he a servant. He is a person that demands to be treated with the same respect he gives, and openly gives respect where it is deserved. In his daily life, he absolutely refuses to follow the herd. The cesspool of groupthink is abhorrent to him, and fake people hiding behind two dimensional personas make him physically ill. Bullies and people with an outrageous sense of entitlement need a good punch in the mouth, not a turn of the cheek, and the New American looks forward to the day when it is once again socially acceptable to hand thugs and weasels their own derriere in a paper sack.

The New American has abandoned the false left / right paradigm in U.S. politics. He understands that the leadership of both major parties, Democrat and Republican, have the exact same goals and support nearly identical legislation. Their purpose is to give us the illusion of choice, and to consolidate and centralize power and dissolve the sovereignty of the U.S. Their openly stated objective is to force Americans to accept a global economy and global governance, virtually erasing our Constitutional freedoms and any ability we may have left to participate in the political process. The New American has set out to overtake and reclaim the Republican Party from globalists, and to use it as a tool in support of limited government and individual liberty once again.

For the New American, authority is derived from experience and earned respect. Petty authority derived from corruption is to be either laughed at or scorned. For instance, a policeman or politician that does not follow or understand Constitutional Law is a liability to society, not an authority, and as such, does not deserve respect. The New American is not impressed by uniforms, titles, expensive Ivy League degrees, old money, celebrities, or pop culture fluff. To him, the people who ARE impressed with these things are rather repulsive. To get his attention, you need to have an honorable reputation, legitimate intelligence, and, for heaven’s sake, a backbone.

Gullibility in others is only endured to a point. Knowledge, self knowledge and an understanding of ones surroundings, is paramount. The New American has seen too many catastrophes transpire because of the complicity of morons. The ignorant have a tendency to threaten not just themselves but also those around them. Their stupidity makes them malleable and easily influenced by those who seek power. They become unwitting accomplices in tyranny. The willfully uneducated are the second most dangerous people on Earth.

The primary threat, not just to the New American but to every living person, is Elitism. There is nothing more vile than an elitist: they demand fealty from the masses even though they hate and despise the common man. They are fully aware of their conscience, but see it as a hindrance to their pursuit of dominance and so ignore it. They fancy themselves as "godlike" and imagine themselves to be intellectually superior to the rest of us, even though they have proven on numerous occasions to be rather foolish. Their ego-mania is so immense that they are virtually incapable of recognizing the fallibility of their philosophies. And, they are willing to sacrifice anything and anyone accept themselves to get what they want, meaning they are the worst kind of cowards exacting the worst kind of oppression.

As horrifying as elites are, the New American is unphased. He knows that an uncompromising sense of despotism can only be met with an uncompromising sense of liberty. He knows that because he is confident in his values and refuses to negotiate them away, elitists fear him. They recognize that men who are defending their home, who are wise, who hold the moral high ground, and who are unafraid, are difficult if nearly impossible to defeat. More than anything else, the elites quake at the thought of the New American Guard.

The Return Of Freedom’s Protectors

It is in the worst of times that the best of men make their presence known. Some of them have felt for most of their lives that they were meant to make a difference, to sway the flow of events towards a greater purpose, a better future. Some have yet to realize their latent potential. Many of these men play unassuming roles in their normal lives. Carpenters and clerks, factory workers and investors, farmers and soldiers, it is always the seemingly inconspicuous that surprise us when the nightmare falls. The counterfeit champions, those the public once invested all of their faith in, quickly turn and run, while the true defenders stand unyielding against the coming tempest. They are the old men of the mountain, weathered by the storm, but unshakable in their resolve. Not simply warriors, but also scholars and social healers. They are modern-day Paladins in the most brutal of epochs.

There are two kinds of people in this world; history makers, and spectators. Spectators allow the throes of events to propel them wherever they may. They wait for the crosswinds of fate to determine their final home, their final occupation, their final resting place. During great upheaval, these are the people who fall by the wayside of time, whose children despair in the wake of their parent’s failure. These are the people upon which the elite feed.

History makers are defined by a beautifully simple decision; the decision to participate in the making of their own providence. The decision to actually live, instead of playing at life. True history makers are often not chronicled in books. Their tales are often not told for posterity. But none of this matters. What matters, is the contribution they make to the good in all of us, the tremors they send through the underlying foundations of humanity. Their presence is felt, even if their names are not known. By this measure, the New Americans will definitely make history.

The responsibility that lay ahead of us is daunting. While a global awakening is certainly taking place, the epicenter is right here in our own backyard. All eyes will be watching us and waiting. The world is relying on us to make a stand, to prove that the fight is far from over. If we do not, then everything is lost, not just for ourselves, but for every generation after we are gone. No matter what obstacles the elites unleash, be it nuclear disaster, economic collapse, or yet another war, we must not falter. The world is waiting. They are waiting for heroes. They are waiting for the old guard to return.

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