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We Must Preserve Our Future

We Must Preserve Our Future, We Are The Stewards, The Keepers Of It !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 1-18

A “new” America exists, where supposed [monied] freedoms are subverted by those claiming to protect them; corporate-business as overriding concern necessitates an increasing concentration of wealth [globalization; warfare] engendering increasing violence and protection from the same – selfishness protected by greed and paranoia, the increasing power claimed as [proof of] [seeming] infallibility [the divine right of capital]: MAMMON AS TYRANT !! — tax-”payer”, share-”holder”, the rights and benefits of corporatism [to the exclusion of all else, including God]; the exercise of Mammon [business], the destructive growth of its false, private eco-nomy by profit-”taking” [NOT by profit-"giving"] vs. holistic, cooperative, community stewardship, sharing all increase as gift – the “cost” of Mammon is too great for us [and the planet (life-support)] to bear: WE ARE TAKING, MURDERING LIFE [the death of God(-ing)] !! – MAMMON IS ENSLAVEMENT AND MURDER [physically and spiritually]: ITS CHAIN(S) AND WEAPON OF CHOICE IS ITS MONEY [debt and force; "funding" life equated as giving life] !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 1-19

Mammon today is the Mammon of yesterday, but the “economies of scale” of today’s “giants”, the covering over mankind, the height, reach and depth, is enormous, so enormous that God is equated with/as Mammon [no difference seen between Holy and profane (not sacred; outside of the Temple; irreverent disrespect, contempt of God); the success/excess of the profane seen as sanction of God (gain as Godliness)] !! – Mammon has claimed the “provision of God” and has assumed the role of “provider” of need [commodification of life] and of desired want [mostly irresponsible lust manufactured by Mammon], this is its “power” over/upon us, it has claimed “life” in-place-of God, and holds it by force ["Mammon's life" preeminent in *all* considerations; life, even God, in service of Mammon] !! – Christ-ian-ity is the reclamation [re-claim; restoration] of God as provider, *as* LIFE GIVER [without money (commodification), without price (claim): buying and selling God (life), the "mark" of the Beast
systemic] !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 1-20

The instrumentation and idols of wealth [gold, silver, etc., commodity] as “defined and accepted” by man, is *NOT* the enrichment envisioned by God: agape love gifted in an open, reciprocal commons [commonwealth], not selfish claim and commodification, our personal enrichment at the expense of another, even personal claim and (ab)use of God(-ing) as our justification !! – God’s gifts are to be received [to gift], not taken [to keep]; God freely gifts to all who will receive, without evil commodification and claim [without money, without price], and this is applied to *all* things: all that has been taken, will be taken back (forfeiture), to be freely given again [all to eat sufficiently, wearing durable clothing (Isa 23:18)] !! – as our spiritual illness is cured, our physical needs and health will follow [personal and social (community)]: pure truth and food [manna: Christ (Bread of Life)], everlasting robes of righteousness [durable: enduring much work and application] !! – our polluted and povertized nourishment [malnutrition], and our Mammonized business concept of built-in obsolescence [perpetual continuity of return (future not built-in); purposeful lack of durability and compatibility (past not built-in): our evil, selfish disregard of the past and of the future (as concern)] will be abolished, will cease to exist !! – GOD’S LOVE IS YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND TOMORROW !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 1-21

We must preserve our future, we are the stewards, the keepers of it !! – when the Truth of God replaces the error in our heart and mind, then we will understand and give regard [our shame will cover us at that moment (instead of the Glory of God), we will be consumed by it: but God is Mercy as-well-as Truth], the Flame of Truth will light the Way of God !! – our Mammonized denial of brotherhood, of unselfish love, IS A DENIAL OF THE VERY BEING OF ALMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF AND OF CHRIST !! – if we are “defined” by Mammon, then we are NOT *of* Christ, we cannot serve [obey and worship; re: Elijah (Baal or God)] two “masters” [the mastery of Mammon is very apparent in this, *our* world (kosmos)] !! – when our desire [our unselfish love] for another becomes hurtful to [in the sense of liberty or emotion], or impedes, that very same person, then we must withdraw [as gift]; desire must not turn into lust [taking], it must become friendship: this applies to all persons, things, and situations, physically and spiritually !! – LOVE [as Being] *IS* GOD(-ing) !! – Love as Being and Doing *is* enhancement of the other, a reciprocal relationship, where much is given and received, but where nothing is taken !! – who and what we are must be a gift(-ing), a sharing with others, a celebration [open convivium] of life, of God: AN ENRICHMENT OF EACH OTHER !!

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