Monday, February 1, 2010

Dropout Nation: The Lust For Profit 2

War, The Most Profitable Of All Disasters

The fictional “War on Terrorism” is in fact not a war against anything but rather a war for an utterly unrestrained free market. It is the corner-stone for the latest stage in building the empire of mammon.

Many nations are not overly eager to be added to the list of the globalized and plundered. The terror war provides a ready excuse to pry open the doors of countries reluctant to submit willingly. If some naturally occurring crisis, a tsunami, an earthquake, is not conveniently at hand one can be easily fabricated; an economic collapse created by the "free" market, a "terrorist attack", a coup d'etat or the ever popular "peace keeping mission".

If all else fails, the threat of military intervention can always be applied. How simple for amerika to say "Your nation is harboring terrorists", " There are terrorist training camps in your country", You are in possession of weapons of mass destruction or best of all, "You are attempting to obtain nuclear weapons".

The perpetual war on terror is a free market wet dream. The enemy can be anyone, anywhere at any time.

War profiteering is nothing new but the boogeyman of global terrorism has taken disaster capitalism to a new level. Halliburton, Xe (formerly Blackwater), Bechtel, CACI, Titan, Aegis Defense Services and General Dynamics are just a few of the dozens of corporations that have capitalized on the death and destruction being wrought in iraq and afghanistan. Those are the only “wars” that get much attention these days. You may rest assured however, that wherever people are killing each other in noticeable numbers, there are multinational corporations providing whatever weapons and “services” the combatants can afford. Being very fair minded it’s also certain that they’re selling to both sides of any given conflict as the market allows.

The promotion and proliferation of disaster capitalism is a multifunction weapon. The utterly unrestrained exploitation of resources and disasters, both real and fabricated, reap windfall profits. Meanwhile the consequential degradation of the environment and the death toll from said disasters significantly reduces the numbers of the inferior lower classes. This leaves more resources and a smaller, more manageable slave-labor pool available for the exclusive use of the elite ruling class.

Welcome to Earth, the third world planet. ...

For once, let us honestly consider what capitalism really means. It exists for one purpose only and that is to obtain perpetual, unlimited “profit”. When the decisions of an individual or an “immortal corporate person” are motivated by that purpose, they are not made with the best interests of the human species or its environment in mind. Rather, they are made exclusively for the acquisition of wealth, property and power for the few at the expense of the many. Profit can only be had by one individual at the loss of another. ...

The concept of profit as motive is flawed from its inception. In such a system, things like scruples, honesty, fairness and ethics are not assets. They actually become very costly liabilities, which must be diligently avoided. ...

... This system not only demands that profit endless, but must also constantly increase both in amount and speed of accumulation. This in turn forces consumption and profit-taking to increase beyond the capacity of the environment to provide resources for exploitation. ...

Anyone who cannot see the intrinsic fallacy of such a system is delusional. These methods can be and have been applied to many isms throughout history. It is nothing more than the choice of words that makes capitalism the name of the system that is today destroying the human race. You may call it anything you like. No name given it will change the reality. If you call it communism and apply the same principles of transferring all wealth to a few individuals, the results will be the same. Call it socialism, democracy, monarchy, theocracy or despotism and it will still destroy humanity. Unless and until we can learn to live in Peace and share the Earth fairly with each other, things will only get worse. ...

The Best Things In Life Are Free?

Food, water, health, arable soil and all the resources that Earth (Gaia) provides for everyone, free of charge, are real wealth. What gives any individual the right to claim ownership of such resources? We can answer that question with a single word: MIGHT.

Money could be of benefit to all, were it not dominated by private interests. It is only when control of money is given over to the private sector, commodified and subjected to interest charges, that serious problems arise. The pretense that money has intrinsic value, that it constitutes wealth in and of itself is a fallacy. Again, money is a fiat of law, not a commodity or product of nature. As long as it is issued and controlled by private interests for profit, it will always be an instrument of usury. It will continue to enable a parasitic, psychopathic minority, which contributes nothing to humanity, to continue its ascendency to the self-proclaimed, godlike status it craves so desperately.

In order to move to the next level of "civilization", we must move to a global economy based on a uniform, international currency, which would eventually be transitioned to a resource-based economy requiring no currency at all.

Such an economy, based on the efficient and equitable distribution of resources, would lead to a world of freedom and equality such as has never before existed. In such a world, the people could devote most of their time and effort to expanding knowledge, advancing technology rationally and raising the awareness of the human species for the purpose of promoting its continued evolution. ...

That could lead to the first civilization on Earth.

There is no way to Peace. Peace is the Way.

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