Thursday, February 25, 2010

We Must Refuse The Imposed Consumption

The augmentative oppression of humanity by technology; the cutting-edge [the real cutting-edge is the two-edged sword of God's truth (preaching and witness); REDEFINING OURSELVES AND HUMANITY] -- ANY CHOICE IS BEING REMOVED; WE ARE BEING FORCED !! - THERE IS NO CONSIDERATION GIVEN, OR PROVISION MADE, FOR NATURE OR PEOPLE TO REMAIN UNAFFECTED - ALL IS CLAIMED, TAKEN !! - THE COG MUST BE THE UNAFFECTED, THE UNINFECTED !! -- SOCIETY MUST REBEL !! - Christian non-participation, active resistance [intentional, deliberate obstruction BY REFUSAL TO PARTICIPATE (not destruction, demolition; but destructive to the cause or means; withdrawal) to any SAGE-Corporate cause, movement, activity, effort, etc.], not "corporate" doomsaying [as an art form; media; mainstream and the COG Inc.]; *complete detachment*, BEYOND DETERRENCE !! - as Christians we cannot in good-conscience participate in the world's imposed systemic, to any degree [CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS] - we cannot improve peoples lives, empower them as individuals, if we destroy who we are as human beings by our technological gods [gods without the guiding maturity, the (God-given) wisdom necessary]; OUR TRUE GOD-GIVEN HUMANITY HAS NEVER BEEN EXPRESSED; ONLY THE CONTRIVED HAS BEEN EXPRESSED, AND CONTINUES TO BE SO; THE COG HAS FAILED IN ITS PURPOSE !! - the virtualization of humanity, a new type of life-form [transhumanism] looming - the complexity [the intelligent design] of a human cell is beyond man's scope at this time; we must stand back in amazement at who, and what we are, and will be !! [WE MUST RECOGNIZE AND HONOR OUR CREATOR, AND HIS DESIGN] -- societal meltdown and large-scale mass murder [HOLOCAUST] is a future possibility; the neural net of society must be understood, employed for technological advance - special-interest groups [determining choice], individualists [cancer like choices] threaten humanity more than technology.

Commercial culture is seen as a benefit - positive externalities taken; association of the positive aspects of humanity, society, by the corporate - advertising [the imposed; the curriculum of society (the ability to imagine an alternative future diminished; a loss of our humanity !!)] paid for by the consumer [within the retail price, and our collective conscience], corporate income-tax deductions; "advertising" seen as the power to propel humanity, the technological society -- we must counter advertising by education, we must understand the science [psychological warfare] of persuasion, coersion; WE MUST UNDERSTAND THE COMMERCIALIZATION OF OUR IDENTITY !! -- measuring up to someones elses reflection of ourselves, a constructed image; we have grown up corporate, especially the youth of today - the images take on a reality of their own; the visual medium is real, socially constructed images !! - URGED TO BUY, TRY, COMPLY !! - citizenry media literacy is critically important; the innoculation of our minds [vs. women as bodies, men as minds]; we must deconstruct the images, the messages [the implications], the means used !! - we are socialized to rely on the images; success is linked [the corporate promises]; reinforcement by others -- we must avoid the corporate, the false logo's [THE TRUE LOGOS IS CHRIST; THE WORD OF GOD]; intrusive visual pollution is flooding our minds; we must develop a mental barrier; WE MUST DAM THE MESSAGE OF THE DAMNED !! - the media must reflect society NOT society reflecting the media - our identity is wrapped up in our history, but our history is manufactured !! -- a paradigm shift within culture or outside of culture ?? - the shift is from without, EXPATRIATION INTO GOD'S COMMUNITY, A SEPARATE CULTURE [GOD'S TABLE] !! - we must refuse the imposed consumption [the proliferation; the cancer]; OUR OWN COGNITION MUST BE OF PRIMARY CONCERN - WE ARE BEING MOULDED AND *NOT* BY THE MASTER POTTER !! - our intellect is being *bypassed* by the visual (and the music (the social tune)) -- private-corporate interest and benefit are NOT in the public interest, or for public benefit !! -- [multiple sources, including NPR All Things Considered and Talk of the Nation, concerning the commercialization of culture]


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