Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Public Cry Is A Whisper

WE ARE FIGHTING OURSELVES, OUR LEGITIMACY !! -- WE ARE SITUATED ON THE EDGE OF (IN)SANITY; GROUP CONTAGION, COLLECTIVE FRENZY [ie., consumption; corporate feeding frenzy] - BUSINESS IS DULL IN COMPARISON TO WAR AND HOLOCAUST, YET BUSINESS IS ** BARBARIC DISPOSSESSION UNEQUALED ** -- GLOBALIZATION IS A MUTANT FORM OF COLONIALISM [activist/author Arundhati Roy]; the corporate-agenda claims "globalization with a human face" [a face that is disfigured by evil; twisted by greed]; A FACE UNRECOGNIZABLE BY MOST; INHUMAN -- civil protest has been professionalized, labeled [NGO agendas; media]; THE "PUBLIC DEBATE" MUST BE DE-PROFESSIONALIZED; THE ONLY ANSWER IS A PUBLIC-COMMON ANSWER [vs. leave the world to us; it is too complicated for the public to understand; we are the experts, etc.] - leaving public debate to the experts is a convenient way for a privileged society to ignore the issues; it leads to an expert-anthem [Arundhati Roy], no longer a ** public cry ** vs. globalization [life is profit] !! - the public cry is a whisper, a whimper, most are in denial !! -- a common understanding needed [a social nurturing], a politics of resistance, opposition, voluntary simplicity, a slowing down; ** DISSENT ** [OUR ONLY WEAPON IS OUR REFUSAL], WE MUST WITHDRAW AND DISINVEST FROM THE CORPORATE AND RE-INVEST IN COMMUNITY !!


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