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Imagine The Horror 3

Racism and Nazi-Style Experiments

In their blatant racism and cruelty, the radiation experiments recall - on a wider scale - the infamous Tuskegee experiment in which 400 southern black men with syphilis were left untreated. The men, who were not even told they had the disease, were "watched" for over 30 years to see what effect the untreated disease had on their mortality rate - and on their children. The hideous "medical experiment" was only stopped in 1972 when exposed by the press.

Many of the radiation experiments on human beings took place at the very moment that the US and its allies were condemning Nazi doctors at the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal for killing hundreds of concentration camp prisoners with chemical and germ warfare "experiments." Yet the American-British establishment which coldly incinerated over a million defenseless German and Japanese civilians in the WWII firebombings of Dresden, Tokyo and other cities, in addition to dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was certainly in no position to pass judgment on the Nazi butchers.

In one case, US doctors actually repeated an "experiment" which SS doctors had performed in the Auschwitz death camp, namely, irradiating prisoners' genitals with massive doses of x-rays to determine the level that causes sterility. American researchers performed this test on 131 inmates at Oregon state and Washington state prisons from 1963 to 1971. According to the researchers' report, the victims had to agree in advance to undergo vasectomies after the "experiment" in order "to avoid any possibility of contaminating the general population with irradiation-induced mutants."

US leaders viewed the results of German experiments in chemical, biological and atomic warfare as prized war booty. A specialized strike force, the Alsos commandos, was formed to hunt down German laboratories, scientists and their data. Only 23 Nazi doctors and scientists were brought to trial for war crimes, and seven were acquitted of all charges - including one who had experimented on internees at Dachau. The "Angel of Death" Josef Mengele, the head doctor of Auschwitz, lived tranquilly - and openly - in the US occupied zone of Germany until 1950, when public indignation forced him to move to Latin America.

Similarly, all the members of the Japanese 731st Regiment - which killed thousands (mainly Chinese and Koreans) in biological warfare experiments using bubonic plague, anthrax and other diseases - were granted immunity from prosecution for war crimes by the US occupation authorities in exchange for turning over their data. A spokesman for Fort Detrick, Maryland, the center of the US biological warfare program, recently explained: "we wanted to keep this information out of the hands of the Russians. Any war crimes trials would have exposed our own program" (San Francisco Examiner, 19 January).

In capitalist society, racial minorities, colonial and semicolonial slaves and the helpless - hospital patients, the mentally ill and retarded, the elderly - have always been the prime, often unwitting, subjects for medical experiments. In the early 20th century, treatments for beriberi and the plague were tested on poor peasants in the Philippines (this was cited by the Nazi doctors at Nuremberg).

As in the Nazi death camp experiments, the US government radiation research was carried out on those the racist ruling class considers "inferior" or "expendable." At the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, at least 90 terminal cancer patients - mostly poor, mostly black - were given lethal and near-lethal doses of full-body radiation in the 1960s and 1970s. As they collapsed in vomiting and dizziness from the radiation sickness, the tormented victims were made to take psychological tests. The stated purpose of this horrifying torture was "to provide knowledge of combat effectiveness of troops" in a nuclear war.

US capitalism [the SAGE-Corporate] is so profoundly racist that the military has even sought to develop chemical and germ warfare agents which selectively target black people. A lead article entitled "Ethnic Weapons" in the US Army Command's monthly Military Review (November 1970), citing the greater susceptibility of Central African people and their descendants to sickle-cell anemia, revealed that research was underway to uncover "innate differences in vulnerability to chemical agents between different populations."

The US government is known to have carried out tests of germ warfare agents against black people. In 1955 the CIA released whooping cough virus in Palmetto, Florida, killing a dozen people, to test its effectiveness as an "ethnic weapon" against blacks. In 1960, the Army released infection-bearing mosquitoes in Carver Village, an exclusively black town, causing outbreaks of typhoid, encephalitis, stillbirths and mysterious deaths. And in 1951 the US Navy released a biological warfare agent at its Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania supply depot, which was chosen because "there are employed large numbers of laborers, including many Negroes." The organism used to infect the workers (Aspergillus Fumigatus) was intended to simulate the fungus which causes valley fever, a disease which is ten times more fatal for blacks than whites.

Meanwhile, the US colony of Puerto Rico has been a testing ground for countless experimental products, such as the cancer-causing Agent Orange "defoliant" which the US used in Vietnam. In a vast "population control" experiment, over one-third of Puerto Rican women of child-bearing age, practically denied other means of contraception, were driven to accept "voluntary" sterilization. When Nationalist Party leader Pedro Albizu Campos declared that he had been subjected to radiation while locked up in San Juan's La Princesa prison in 1950, a government psychiatrist declared him "insane" despite photographic evidence of horrible burns on his back and feet. Today the US government still keeps its files on Albizu Campos under lock and key.

Nuclear First Strike Against the USSR

From the moment they acquired the atomic bomb, US rulers were straining at the bit to launch a nuclear first strike against the Soviet Union. This is stated in virtually all of the secret US military plans of the late 1940s and 1950s. For example, an April 1950 document by the National Security Council reiterates that US strategy was to "strike with our full weight... before the Soviet blow is actually delivered" (cited by David Rosenberg, "The Origins of Overkill," International Security, Spring 1983). An Air Force history states the main targets for nuclear attack were "urban industrial concentrations" which were "selected with the primary objective of the annihilation of population."

US rulers even formulated an elaborate plan for guerrilla warfare following a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. The core of the special forces, which were to knock out any remaining centers of government and seize control of the country, was composed of the remnants of the army of the turncoat Russian General Andrei Vlasov, who had gone over to the Nazis during World War II, along with the former SS Einsatzgruppen (death squads). The idea of building an anti-Soviet invasion force around the former Vlasov army was the brainchild of the liberal George Kennan. In the early 1950s, these killers were integrated into the US Army as the nucleus of the present-day Green Berets.

What stayed the hand was not a commitment to "peace" as the liberals would have it, but rather, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Omar Bradley declared in November 1950: "We might be in danger of losing" (Marc Trachtenberg, History and Strategy (1991)). An NSC document in the same year noted that US forces were "not now capable of conducting immediately a general military offensive against the USSR." US military officials had estimated the previous year that even if their entire arsenal of 133 atomic bombs was dropped on target it would leave 70 percent of the Soviet Union's industrial base intact, and the Red Army in Europe could retaliate by marching all the way to the Pyrenees.

Consequently, the Joint Chiefs of Staff [the madmen under the SAGE, consumed by the "enemy", not all privy to the SAGE Agenda, yet all so willing to commit holocaust] recommended that the US "delay a general war with Russia until we have achieved the necessary degree of military and industrial mobilization." The National Security Council placed "A-Day" (the date when the US would be ready to launch a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union) in 1954. And in that year, the Joint Chiefs of Staff presented President Eisenhower with a secret document which reportedly called for "deliberately precipitating war with the USSR in the near future." A summary of the plan stated that with some 700 nuclear bombs, "virtually all of Russia would be nothing but a smoking, radiating ruin at the end of two hours" (Michio Kaku and Daniel Axelrod, To Win a Nuclear War (1987)). However, in the meanwhile the Soviet Union had, in 1949, developed its own atomic bomb, and in 1954 the Soviet Union perfected intercontinental bombers which could reach the American mainland.

Historically, the rise of capitalism was accompanied by the development of modern science and led to the tremendous development of productive forces. But the capitalist system in decline produces economic depression, world wars and famine on the scale of continents. Today science, technology and even medicine have been transformed from tools of production and healing into instruments of destruction, torment and slaughter on a vast scale. The nuclear-armed madmen who rule over the decaying capitalist system are a clear and present danger to life on the entire planet. [based on Fidonet research, various sources, with inserts, 1994; additional confirmation and further research materials are widely available on the Internet]

MM Addendum 1-12

The SAGE agenda has repeatedly demonstrated its savagery: 75+ million killed in WWI and WWII; an estimated 80 million culled by Stalin; three million Koreans and Chinese slain in the Korean War; two million Vietnamese; tens of thousands of Iraqis murdered in the slaughter of the first Persian Gulf War, and over one million dead as a consequence of the West’s starvation blockade and destruction of infrastructure; tens of thousands killed in the Balkan’s and now again ten’s of thousands killed in the second Iraq War, including Afghanistan; not to mention the hundreds of thousands of allied and US troops killed, who went to war in the defense of their country, unwitting pawns under SAGE control — this barbaric system of racism, oppression and mass murder has been exposed – this is dangerous knowledge – if we remain silent we give silent approval to our continued complicity (no longer unknown) in this insane-evil systemic – what are we going to do about it? – disinvestment and [systemic] expatriation is the beginning, the first step.

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