Monday, March 1, 2010

Profile: The August Review

From The August Review website:

General Information

The August Review is an exclusive Internet-based publication of the editor, Patrick M. Wood, and focuses on the Trilateral Commission, its members and activities.

The research "juggernaut" that was created by Wood and Antony Sutton to study the Trilateral Commission has been enhanced using various professional sources now available on the Internet. This editor is committed to performing original and innovative research, as opposed to re-hashing second hand or opinionated writings of other news services or commentators. The August Review also monitors the press for news stories relating to members, policies and meetings of the Trilateral Commission.

Marketing Tools

Readers of The August Review routinely ask, "What can I do?"

We empathize with everyone who is frustrated with lack of tangible, concrete things that can bring actual results. Letter writing campaigns, boycotts and the like are simplistic and ineffective. They may keep you busy, but they haven't changed much!

The only hope we have is in the citizens themselves. A grass roots ground-swell is our only hope to address the onslaught of globalization. Such a movement must be based on FACTS, not on opinion or rhetoric. No public debate will ever be won against globalism without definitive and defensible proof of your position.

The August Review exists to provide that kind of education and information that allows you to take a firm stand on moral ground, able to withstand the shallow (yet persuasive) arguments of the global elite.

What can you do? Start with this...

A new sister publication, The August Forecast, takes a look forward to analyze politics, the economy and various investment markets. The August Forecast is a member-based site. Bronze Membership is FREE and Gold Membership is $99 per year. Gold membership provides for three timely Market Updates per week that focus on current trends in equities, metals, currencies and bonds.

Below are collateral flyers (more items will be added later) that you can use as hand-outs, mailers, posters, etc. We urge you to download and print as many of these as you need, and help get this information into the hands of people in your community.

Click here to download The August Review Flyer

The August Review home page


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