Monday, March 15, 2010

Needless Death: Non-systemic, Expendable Humanity

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-15

What we *do* unto “our fellow-man” we *do* unto God [our being and doing], and what we do unto ourselves we do unto God also: selfishness is an evil that must be overcome, our self-prejudice, individually and group !! – family, marriage and parenthood are a sacrifice of self (and by thus, we understand God): God sacrificed for us, and we must do the same: we are all one human family, soon to be God-family !! — social support, affiliative behaviour begins with family and friends – we must be more befriending, more Christ-like; who we are is indicated by the quality of our friends and friendships – we must be an unselfish gift, freely giving at all times: support/edification – what you are, I AM, what I AM, you shall be [Isa 45:7 "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD (JEHOVAH, "the *existing* One") do all these things"] – ** WE WORSHIP GOD BY LOVING OUR FELLOW MAN ** – our future is not in our selfish groupings, it is *in* God, “being” within HIS *EXISTING* ONE FAMILY !! – our “being and doing” must be *as* God, NOW IS THE DAY OF SALVATION, OF OUR HEALING !! – GOD WILL HEAL OUR SPIRITUAL ILLNESS AND THE SPIRITUAL DAMAGE WE HAVE INFLICTED !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 3-16

Genocide: a problem from hell, a creation of it [the eradication of the other, an absolute negation] – “genocide” word origin 1944, in answer to Churchill’s “we are in the presence of a crime without a name” – the penalty, cost for “bystanding” must be increased: we have a moral obligation to stop genocide, to intervene even in the face of adversity – our selfish interests should not come into consideration, our “national and self-prejudices” must be overcome [the slow death of non-systemic, expendable humanity, and of our humanity defines "genocide" also (between 30-50 million needless deaths per year worldwide: deaths of poverty, preventable disease, pollution, conflict, etc., 20,000 die of chronic malnutrition alone, each-and-every day, that's over seven million deaths every year)]; the genocidal politico-business systemic that enables our selfishness, that enforces and excuses it, even expects and demands it !! – this world must be stopped; war is murder, you cannot legalize it, war is criminal, especially war as excuse; WE HAVE NO RIGHT !! – we are a war society, our whole systemic-being is adversarial, every aspect of “our”-selves !! – MONEY IS THE DEVIL’S WEAPON, OUR FALSE GOD, and we bow down to it every moment of our lives; it is our excuse, selfishness manifested; we are immersed in the evil, we wallow in the filth; we don’t grasp it, it grasps us, holds us; the store is open 24/7 and we are satiated !! — this is all we know, we need a new teacher [Christ]; words of blood and thunder or the Word of God, a still, small voice – our lives are in each other, we *are* each other; WE DO NOT EXIST ALONE !! – WE MUST OVERCOME; IT IS NOT A MATTER OF BRAVERY, WE HAVE NO CHOICE – WE WILL CEASE TO EXIST OTHERWISE !!

MM Addendum 1-20

Confidence is faith in-and-of one’s self; we must achieve self-confidence and confidence in/of-and-with God(-Family) – there is no greater enemy than one’s own fears (real or imagined) – our fears will be/are manipulated/controlled by our would-be protectors/saviors, the very same who created/produced the very systemic to which we are so inured; their/its fears have become/are our fears, yet they/it fear us the most – the banality of evil, our complicity, our sin, must be recognized and repented of; only then will we be response-able.

Each and every Human Being is essential to, and for, the survival of the Human Race; the SAGE Agenda will ensure the elimination of the “systemic unneeded” as a resultant; the very survival of the majority of Humankind is threatened; this is Holocaust on a massive scale, systemic extermination (as previously exampled in Russia/Germany pre-/during WWII, and as preliminarily exampled in today’s world: 30-50M needless deaths/yr., one sacrificial death per 1M$ of world economy (to maintain value and markets); to extrapolate further, 1000 Human Beings die/are sacrificed each and every year to maintain the value held by one Billionaire); SAGE authority is considered supra-divine, as Messianic, as binding/bound in Heaven as-well-as on Earth; the SAGE are beyond consideration and examination by the vulgar; Mammon’s systemic/mechanisms ensure and enforce privacy and compliance; the “Bilderberg Meetings”, previously private, are now a vulgarization for public focus/consumption, seeming “approval at large”.

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