Monday, March 8, 2010

Total Resistance And Withdrawal

MM Book 1 Chapter 2-7

GOD IS UP-LIFTING, He casts none down to Hell !! – media induced stupor vs. the Nation-State as private enterprise [the public-nation ceased in being long ago]; our politics and policies are private interest in public office !! – CORPORATE BUSINESS IS THE DEVIL’S SCRIPTURE; Hell is of our own creation !! – “in the end” *all* of corporatism, its vested claim, privilege, wealth and instrumentation, etc., will be abolished; COMMON-WEALTH will be instituted as “right of God” for all within the Kingdom of God [Isa 23:18 "And her merchandise and her hire shall be holiness to the LORD: ** it shall not be treasured nor laid up **; for her merchandise shall be for them that dwell before the LORD, to eat sufficiently, and for durable clothing"] – GOD’S SOCIETY OF THE GIFT vs. COMMODIFICATION OF LIFE, including the COG INC. !! [Proverbs 28:8 He that by usury and unjust gain increaseth his substance, he shall gather it for him that will pity the poor.]

RADICAL [of or from the root or roots; going to the foundation, or source (of all); the extreme edge of truth; advocation of fundamental social and eco-nomic change, a society of the gift; the establishment of community *by* the elimination of corporatism (its business, monies, nations, etc.) and its systemic claims] CHRIST-IAN-ITY WILL *DESTROY* THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL !! – the systemic punishment of poverty and homelessness; our life-blood must be the “anointed” [Christ], *NOT* the life-blood of the devil [money]; ** POVERTY IS THE CRIME, NOT THE PERSONS AFFECTED ** !! – poverty is the result of excess, avarice [claim by others; debt loading; systemic prejudice] !! – criminal-ity is a “product” of our society, people are not born criminals; behavioral problems and/or genetic defect can be identified and “loved” out [healed]; WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR EACH OTHER [*as* God: Christ assumed responsibility for us, and for our sins (our lack of God, our ignorance); evil is the product of our sins, our ignorant negation of our God(-ing), by selfishness] !!

MM Book 1 Chapter 2-8

Social activism is an art-form [an openness to the present; knowledge, footwork]; THE ART OF MENTORING – media is a part of the “everyday” curricula – history is buried in legend, mythology [mythmaking, ie., the nation]; media montages [compressed news] as the whole story – history is made by us: WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAS BEEN DENIED, MYTHOLOGIZED, AND CREATED, WE ARE COMPLICIT !! – active activism is an “expressive” emotive vs. the consequence(s) of inaction [defeat by the systemic]; inactive [mentative] activism *must* impel us to “loving” action [expressive, yet, NOT of anger], including total resistance and withdrawal [complicity] from the systemic; we must *open* our hearts and minds to each other, WE MUST CONSIDER EACH OTHER !! – we do NOT recognize the evil because we *are* the evil, our very BEING and DOING [enemies of God *in* mind, by our evil works] define us [by their fruits you shall know them]; our systemic *is* us, we are self-defining, and God calls “what we are”, evil [enmity vs. God] !! – YOU CANNOT WAKE SOMEONE PRETENDING TO BE ASLEEP !! – if we don’t know, we should: OUR PRETENSION [pretext; assertion of claim, right] AND/OR IGNORANCE IS *NOT* AN EXCUSE, IT IS INEXCUSABLE [yet, God will pardon us] !! – again, “who we are” [our being] determines “what we are” [our doing], and vice versa [esp., the "doing" of others], in a “vicious” circle [given to, or characterized by vice; evil, corrupt, depraved; harmful; ruined by defects, flaws, or errors; full of faults; very intense, forceful, sharp] !! – there is NO solution to a “vicious circle”, *only* withdrawal, mercy, and truth !!

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