Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christian Thoughts: A Powerful Delusion

Saturday, December 12, 2009
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With millions upon millions in the service to Mammon, who is left to raise the alarm? Who is left to seek to counteract the effects of service to Mammon? And who is willing to hate and despise Mammon as a consequence of seeking to serve God. And what we formerly took for granted, now is revealed to be the service to Mammon all around us. Indeed, there is no way to reconcile the glaring contradictions of those serving Mammon unopposed and unhindered, and unencumbered.

And with service to Mammon, the world becomes innundated with false prophets who instinctively peddle the false hope that God will do nothing. As a matter of fact, the service to Mammon works on the premise that God will not interfere in the affairs of man and put an end to the abomination of hating and despising him for the sake of the luxury and wealth offered by the service to Mammon.

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