Friday, December 18, 2009

Rudiments of the World 1

God and His truth are not the exclusive property of any group or person [reactionary and/or elitist spirituality]; the common Family and God's truth are open and free for all to accept and be accepted of; the group or person has the honor of worship and representation, but only God places you within His Family -- God's truth is not proprietary; there is no copyright on His truth - no man can put his name on God's truth, he is NOT the author of it - God's truth is to be shared freely as it was freely shared with us - the merit of the words themselves lend the authority; any copyright is of God !! -- the COG community, the Family, is wholly *self-sufficient (self-Existent)*, receiving *all* from God [there is no utilization of oppression, usury, artificial scarcity, slavery, etc., ie., the world's money and means]; we are not to *touch, taste, or handle* the rudiments [the primary and fundamental principles; to proceed in a row, go in order; to go on prosperously, to turn out well; to walk; to direct one's life, to live] of the world, we are not to use or be subject to its ordinances [doctrines; of public decrees; of (Roman) government; of rulers (carnal rulership); hierarchy] -- we are to be separate from the world, we must withdraw, cease to exist systemically -- an *emancipatory spirituality* [Tikkun] that encourages people to work together in community [the social and political movement] filled with a powerful spiritual practise includes a genuine recognition that its goals cannot be achieved by means that are not as holy as its ends.


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