Wednesday, December 16, 2009

God's Names: Our Responsibilities 5

The satisfaction derived from a well-played [or well mimicked] role is in direct proportion to the distance from ourselves [and from our God], to our self-negation and our self-sacrifice [the prime function of the (imposed; acquired) role is that of social adaptation, of integrating people into the well-policed universe of things; of control] - where [the SAGE] constraint breaks
people, and mediation [government; democracy] makes fools of them, the *seduction of power* [the impossibility of realization: power as sum of seductions; the evil continual, continuance; no summation (fulfillment of desire) possible; the push and pull] is what makes them love their oppression [covetousness; the grasp of evil, the embrace; *hierarchy*]; because of it people give up their real riches: for a cause that mutilates them, for an imaginary unity that fragments them, for an appearance that reifies them, for roles that wrest them from authentic life, for a time whose passage defines and confines them -- power's strength lies in its facility in enforcing both actual separation and false union - is what drives people to seek power the very weakness to which power reduces them? -- [God's Names: Our Responsibilities 4,5] [The Revolution of Everyday Life, author Raoul Vaneigem [with additions]]


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