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12/8/2009 - by Staff Reports (ARBP)

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So ... the pace of change is accelerating in the new century and we don't anticipate it slowing any. In our opinion, the "change" actually comes from a series of promotions launched by what we here at the Bell like to call the monetary or power elite. Since the power elite itself in our opinion is an extremely small, powerful and generational force, people often focus on appendages (hundreds if not thousands of them, a purposefully baffling maze) such as the CFR, the Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission, etc. In truth these appendages come and go and some provide more sophisticated promotions than others. But what is happening in the world today seems fairly clear, simple even, if one allows oneself the luxury of Occam's razor.

Occam's razor may inform us, if one is willing to accept the premise, that the world's differing promotions are NOT emanating from different places. It does seem that way of course. Climate change is a product of the "Greenies." Central banking is a plot of the banking industry. Overpopulation is a concern for the Club of Rome. Yet are each of these issues, promotions really, and many more, really manufactured by disparate forces and just casually tossed into the media-sphere? They are so many of them, and they are alike! And each one is set up to create a sense of hopelessness and panic. Each one as well, conveniently, demands immediate action and has an authoritarian solution such as the United Nations or its subsidiary, the IMF.

Much easier to decide, if one is so-inclined, that there is indeed a monetary and power elite, a generational (Western) force of wealthy families, individuals and corporate citizens in America and Europe whose interests and coffers are benefitted by increased global control via private-market and government processes. This is not actually a startling insight by the way - as this process is called mercantilism and it has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. Wealthy families and individuals constantly try to grab the levers of power from behind - and especially in modern times leave government figureheads out front to take the blame for whatever is going wrong.

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