Sunday, December 13, 2009

International Forum On Globalization

Look at the facts, weigh the judgements vs. free trade, globalization; the TNC corporate model = dependence, ie., Third World Nations, the starving exporting food to meet the demands of the TNCs - most of the biggest TNCs, these private monoliths (and private profits) were researched and developed by US public monies, tax dollars, over the past 50 years - companies merged, employees purged, profits and CEO salaries surged; the TNC contribution to employment argument vs. disestablishment is moot -- the destruction, the non-sustainable growth; third-world forced trade, imports/exports, TNC agenda against self-sufficiency vs. the TNC argument that no growth = standard of living cut in half in an increasing world population; a prescription without corporate growth = decline of rights, human and environmental leading to war, etc., the corporate responsibility vs. future anarchy, protecting mankind [the corporation as *saviour*] - who will prevail? - the answer is *the strong*, they will set the rules [the golden rule: those who have the power and the gold set the rules, must be negated] vs. the double-speak, the construction of words, ie., the WTO declaration; the corporate *monetized minds* emphasizing democracy yet ridiculing the democratic rights and decisions of citizens [ie., the MAI, the subordination of democracy by its self-appointed protectors]. -- [based on International Forum On Globalization,; Seattle-WTO, Nov.99; debate broadcast on NPR-Alternative Radio, Jan.15.00 [with additions]]

IFG and Allies Look Back to Seattle and Forward to Copenhagen

On Monday, November 23rd, 2009, IFG organized a public evening at the First Unitarian Universalist Center in San Francisco. The forum's speakers reflected back on the 10th anniversary of the historic WTO shutdown in Seattle, Washington, in November 1999, and looked forward to the growing peoples' movement on climate justice about to converge in December of this year in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event featured activists involved in organizing around the connections between them both through local actions taking place across the US on November 30th and December 7th.

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