Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Rightful Inheritance 1

God and His Church is not [imposed] containment; God is openness to others [freedom, communion, relationship], strength, *equitable roles*, a *full sharing* of what God has shared with us, a sharing of God's presence and His [blessings] gifts, including healing -- a fear of intrusion does not, and should not, intrude upon God's welcome [the fear should not exist, overriding the Spirit; the result is actualization of intrusion in the guise of protection (by those who assume power) for/against those called (the Elect), and God's guests (those being led); it leads to self-fulfillment; a barrier even against God; reined in, curbed] -- the WAY, the 10C, the signs of God are *life-signs* [indications of true life; liberty]; if God is withheld, the body will wither and die -- we are warned in the Bible to beware, to give heed, to keep watch against vain deceit, and even to mark and avoid the teachings of certain people who insist on creating division, but there is nowhere a command for total exclusion of any within God's community -- total exclusion applies to the world's systemic; God's warriors seek that from which others flee, there is NO fear of anything [God is with us]; we confront society -- the politics of exclusion within the Christian community is of man NOT God !! - it is CONTENTION against God's community; the truth of God must overwhelm the falsehoods !!


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