Friday, December 18, 2009

Rudiments of the World 3

The way of gain [means; as instrumentality] - a *shameful* situation in the COG; the COG today is NOT a manifestation of God's truth !! - we are not honoring God our Father, and our Mother the Church; we are committing SIN; it should be a period of weeping and mourning as we stand before the Promised Land; God's household is wasted, a desert, sterile; NO RIGHTEOUS GROWTH; we must REBUILD *IN STRENGTH* -- contentions, divisions, making merchandise of the brethren, men committing fornication with their "mother" (their father's wife), the church, filling their own bellies [CLAIMING OWNERSHIP; AN *EMPTY* BUSINESS; COG SPOILED] -- our following of men [I am of...]; there is NO preeminence of any within the COG community, NO reputation; this carnal situation has to end !! - we follow Christ, and Him only !! -- the puffed up corporate church must cease; the high mindedness - where is the *servant authority*, the elders, the mature example, to gently lead in all humility ?? - why haven't we truly gone to our brethren [in love, in prayer, trusting in God] to resolve any differences [instead of accusing, marking, calling our judgment "tough love"]; we have more in common than in difference; we have to get man out of the way of God [the evil, carnal, wall of division and strife is *money, position, and personality*] !!

1 Corinthians 5:1. It is reported commonly [that there is] *fornication* among you [AS INSTRUMENTALITY], and such fornication as is not so much as named among the Gentiles, that one should have *[OWN; POSSESS]* his father's wife [MOTHER; COG]. 2 And ye are *puffed up*, and *have not rather mourned*, that he that hath done this *deed* [WORK] might be taken away from among you.


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