Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mary Elizabeth Croft excerpt 4

The IBs’ (Investment Bankers) Commerce Game is a game only they can win. The Banksters cannot lose; they have forced everyone to play and they have forced everyone into a debt from which we cannot escape. US/CA, as a bankrupt corporation, is owned completely by its creditors - the Bankers. They own all levels of the media, government, education, religion, everything; if you have a birth certificate, they own you too. They control every transaction; they control what is going on in the world; they even control the puppet whom the world blames for the terror and threat of war (GW Bush). Do you like the results of this control? Are you enjoying the game? The only way to win the Commerce Game is not to play. We were never meant to operate in commerce; they tricked us into it and for their benefit. Isn’t there something we’d rather be doing? What do banks do with this credit which we created with our signing of promises to pay? They lend it. Banks are not permitted to lend their money or their assets; they are allowed to lend only credit; credit which WE created. There is only liability which is being spread around with the added liability of interest attached to it each time it is used to ‘pay’ someone. The value of the note is thus diminished each time. Hence, we have inflation. When I ostensibly ‘pay’ you $50 for a service you provided me, since I am paying you with notes which were borrowed into existence, and now have interest attached to it, how can it ever get paid? From whence comes the interest to pay when the interest has yet to be borrowed into existence. If I borrow your car, how can I bring back more of your car than I borrowed? It doesn’t exist. Every transaction gets us further into a debt which does NOT exist, except in the minds of the Banksters.

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