Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice: The Conception of Christ

Winter Solstice: Mary impregnated by the Holy Spirit most likely at this time, Christ was "conceived" at the time of the winter solstice when the night and darkness are longest; Christ is the "light" of the world; His birth was at the time of the fall Feasts of Trumpets/Tabernacles (His Ministry began at this time on His 30th Birthday AD27). Dec 21 is the day of the conception of the Family of God.

In and through community [the Kingdom of God] lies the salvation of the world. We must learn the basic principles of community in our own individual lives and personal spheres of influence. Spiritual healing is a process of becoming whole or holy, conversion is an ongoing process of becoming *increasingly conscious*. We have to awaken to the awareness of how *dead we have become* to fit into the "reality" of this world, this SAGE construct. We must be reminded that the hope of the Gospel cannot be fully eradicated by the repressive present. Breakthrough moments of love remind us that a society based on materialism and narcissistic self-interest is not our only possibility !! It is now time for resurrection [of a like figure; type], for waking the dead consciousness within us and slowly and reassuringly bringing it back to life, reconnecting to the fullness of our possibilities as beings created in the image of the divine. We must be reminded that we are really not alone at all, and that the real task is to recognize each other, see through our various masks, and have confidence that there is enough love, that we are enough, and that *together*, in relationship, we can go for our highest visions again. [based partially on Tikkun and Shared Vision magazines]


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