Wednesday, December 16, 2009

God's Names: Our Responsibilities 3

We must build God's self-sufficient community, and when it is realized, if not before, we must reject all claims to man's constructs, our allotted share [the use of; partake]; these are corporate schemes to placate the unequal, unjust distribution of the *commonwealth* and is therefore opposed to the KOG; these national sins [and our personal ones] *make void the Word of God* -- we are to be "separate", considered "strangers and pilgrims, sojourners" in the land [the nations of man] while we build and establish the nation of God - we are to be in union with God, NOT a partaker/partner of this evil construct - we must reject our role(s) in society, the consumption of power [Christ's example] - we must have authentic faith in God [freely given] and reject a forced, high cost, manufactured faith in the system - we are NOT to have a share in [G3581 xenos], to be numbered among carnal men - our "relation" to man must be one of giver NOT (par)taker of other men's sins - righteousness is God's "nature of interaction" for His Family [G3056 logos; with whom as (future) judge we stand in relation]; we must dwell in righteousness, above reproach [shame, disgrace, discredit, or blame; or a source, cause, occasion of this; rebuke; reproof; censure] - the 10C are primary !!


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