Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BigBear: Federal Government and Corporate America Merge

Greatest Threat to the American Survivalist
by BigBear article link
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The greatest threat the American people face is the merging of the Federal Government and Corporate America to further profits during the Great Decline. You need to prepare for an economic tyranny that controls your wages guaranteeing corporate profits first and leaving your family to live off the feeble leftovers. Family needs are secondary to mandated participation in whatever business has the influence to purchase congressional favors.

In the name of profit Corporate America, with the help of a willing congress, has destroyed this once great country by dismantling our massive manufacturing base, exporting middle class jobs and gambling in risky unregulated economic schemes. Unfortunately for them the cash cow that was the American economy has run out of milk. Eternal unemployment rates over twenty five percent, runaway inflation and increased civil unrest are here to stay further eroding profits margins. ...

Corporations are facing the perfect storm of their own creation. For thirty years the quest for bigger profits has functionally destroyed the purchasing power of the American consumer base. Rather than fix the economic problems stemming from globalization the corporate world has moved to a model of growth supported through government mandates and collections over innovation and competition. Through naked bribery Corporate America created an unholy merger guaranteeing profits through federal legislation and government mandates laid on the backs of American workers and our gutted economic system.

Democracy has grossly failed everyone with politicians in all parties instantly being corrupted by unregulated industry influence. The only real power we have as American citizens at this point is debt revolt. Unfortunately banking, insurance and a growing list of other industries have already insulated themselves from this collective populace action by having the Federal Government guaranteed loans, investments and mandated participation enforced by the IRS through imprisonment. ...

Organized dissent against the government or any of its corporate handler will be quickly and harshly squashed. The massive surveillance infrastructure rolled out over the past few years, was never to hunt foreign terrorists but rather control a starving and desperate population unwilling to give their last dollar to Corporate America. ...

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