Sunday, January 17, 2010

Private Interest In Public Office

MM Book 2 Chapter 10-6

The “public” has increasingly come to mean “low-income interests” – the “general public” has been corporatized into “private interest” interests and dependent upon it – the governments at all levels in what is now Americanada Inc., are mostly “private interest in public office” and their unrestrained policies and legislation reflect this change; ** TRUE DEMOCRATIC-FASCISM HAS BEEN FIRMLY ENTRENCHED ** — violent media = aggressive behavior [incl., criminal behavior]; we are “forced” every day into compliance, even forced to ignore the injustice we see around us – the violence includes forced opinions [imposed], competition and waste of human and natural resources, environmental destruction, business and nationalism [we are forced into complicity in order to survive: the systemic provides all (imposed sole provider)] – BLESSED ARE THE *PEACE* MAKERS vs. EVIL WORKS, the violence: the unjust or callous [lacking pity, mercy (** LACKING GOD **); unfeeling; insensitive; *privilege and the resultant attitude*] use of force or power, as in violating another’s rights, sensibilities, etc., and the harm done by this; violation of conscience, and the distortion of meaning; THE IMPOSITION TO SUSTAIN AND MAINTAIN: ECONOMIC TERROR-ISM [the fear emotive], MAMMONIZATION OF LIFE, OF GOD, FOR PRIVATE PRIVILEGE; GOD = AN INNATE ** SENSITIVITY ** TO LIFE; GOD IS LIFE.

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