Thursday, January 21, 2010

Secular Prophets: Indicant 6

Prophecy is not prediction, it is an "indicant", a "determinant" - two ways of life presented: the blessings or the curses - the "high" road or the "low" road.

The Surveillance Society: Trading Freedom For The Illusion Of Safety
by Giordano Bruno article link
Neithercorp Press - 01/18/2010

Governments, regardless of their political structure or historical background, have always striven to not only control information, but also to gather it from the people by covert means. Often, this secretive observation of the citizenry escalates into a completely open and full-fledged surveillance state. The U.S. in particular stands on a precarious edge: the line between abhorring invasion of privacy, and embracing invasion of privacy as necessary for the “greater good.” Many people assume that such a mindset is forced on the masses by the elite, that strength of arms is somehow required to make them accept the conditions of a police state, but this is not always so. It is very difficult for governments, despite any technological developments or resources they may have, to enforce and maintain a fascistic political construct. In order to retain control, they must build a “Surveillance Culture;” a society in which the people watch each other, and where individuals censor themselves instead of being censored by the authorities. In the end, a police state cannot exist without the help of the people it means to dominate. By spying on each other, we destroy ourselves. ...

China is a good example of the “modern police state,” and is in itself a construction of Western financial interests. Americans often wonder why we continue to deal with the Chinese Communist regime, even owing them tremendous debt, while they murder and oppress their own citizens. I remember the Tienanmen Square protests and subsequent massacre vividly. I also remember the U.S. government’s response to be muted, even flaccid. All the grandstanding by our politicians and the supposedly hard nosed George H.W. Bush on the horrors of communism suddenly disappeared. The truth was, Western governments who posed as democratic actually had no interest in supporting the Chinese people fighting for liberty. Westerners had made China a police state and they planned for it to remain that way. ...

What this shows is that the Chinese form of tyranny is not so alien as the average American might think. In fact, China is a “testing ground” for policies that Western Globalists wish to implement all over the world, including here in the U.S.

But what are some of these policies?

* Replacing Independence With Interdependence: ...

The birth of the Surveillance Society is not possible unless a collectivist mentality is first instilled in the populace. This is accomplished by a common cultural bond which is misused to manipulate the masses, such as a spiritual movement, or as in the case of China, a common enemy. The Chinese people’s general hatred of the previous feudal system of royals and landlords led them to revolution, but a revolution guided by international globalists. They ended up with a system just as bad if not more insidious than the former, and still without freedom to decide their own destines because they chose to be driven by collectivism, rather than individual liberty.

This is the ever present M.O. of the New World Order. Using a common enemy, or creating an enemy from thin air (terrorism), to frighten a particular society into conforming with collectivist ideologies. Once this way of thinking has taken root, personal freedoms can be negated more efficiently, and a surveillance grid can be instituted. ...

* Instituting A National ID ...
* Convert The Census Into A Surveillance Tool ...
* Make Privacy A Privilege, Instead Of A Right ...

If The Surveillance Society Succeeds, What Do We Have To Look Forward To?

Because it is the Globalist model for the future, again we must turn to China. China, while often being praised by many Western governments for its “progressiveness,” has become a living nightmare for those people who cannot or will not conform.

Dissenters in China, even if they are peaceful, are harshly punished with beatings, imprisonment, and even death. Some are simply “disappeared”: ...

There is a serious mental block in the average American mind that dictates to us that such things are not possible in this country. The facts show though that most of the criminal activities by governments described above have already occurred in the U.S. at one time or another. We must also understand that these are not Chinese policies, Israeli policies, or British policies; these are Globalist policies, and they are intended eventually for the entire world, including America.

The difference between us and other nations, the reason we are such a threat to Globalism, is that a greater percentage of us are informed, armed, and aware of the costs of freedom. Many cultures do not have the historical experience of self governance. Few have fought successfully for individual liberty. As Americans, we know intimately the price, the joys, and the pain of safeguarding our inborn right to determine our own destiny beyond the prying eyes of politicians and aristocrats. Of all the people in the world, we are the most capable of putting an end to globalism and centralization, if for no other reason than we know better than most exactly what a free society is, and what it is not. This puts us in a terrifying position, a position of responsibility beyond what any generation before us has dealt with. We are the last chance for emancipation from a planet-wide Surveillance Society. If we falter, if we relinquish our liberty in exchange for a pledge of security that can never be fulfilled, if the U.S. is allowed to fall into such despair, the rest of the world will likely follow.



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