Sunday, January 3, 2010

Without Money, Without Price 1

EVIL IS SEEMINGLY BOUNDLESS IN EXTENT AND REWARD !! - the harm done to people's lives by corporate CEO's [their corporate policies; the public icons (incl. Board of Directors)] is *beyond* measure and recognition, this includes our government - consulting the public good is a formality necessary to preserve the image of plurality, but sovereign power and interest is now corporate not public - democratic reason is lost and vested interest takes precedence !! -- real, expressed, violent civil-disobedience is the corporate-government overriding the public concern and will [not obeying the people, the rightful owners] and imposing and maintaining the SAGE-Systemic with armed force - our laws and media point us in other directions, ie., the poor, welfare, immigration, health care, etc., privilege and its evil are protected [as essential], its victims are blamed [further victimization of the victimized]; the psychosis(sys) of Mammon has spread its roots deep into humanity, negating humanity -- man is NOT getting better, WE ARE GROWING *MORE* SELFISH EVERYDAY: the world [natural and kosmos(systemic)] is degenerating [we are more and more degenerate] physically and spiritually !!


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