Sunday, January 3, 2010

Without Money, Without Price 2

HOW DO WE PERCEIVE OURSELVES [individually and collectively; our groupings] ?? - what do we see, how do we look ?? - we are de-meaning ourselves by our "nature of interaction" [business, its money] !! -- we must think *beyond* the moment !! - WE ARE ALL "PASSING THE BUCK" [refusing our complicity, our responsibility, while utilizing the systemic, "the buck"] !! -- the corporate "suit" is a filthy rag [clothed in sin: FILTHY LUCRE/RAGS] - we either experience God or the Devil *by* the nature of our interactions with each other [we "define" God] !! -- LORD as "loaf-keeper", companion as "bread-fellow", CHRIST IS THE BREAD OF
LIFE, the SPIRITUAL MANNA, the *wisdom* from above [*as* Christ; application of the the Word, the Gospel] !! - the 12 loaves of shewbread, the ** "bread of the presence" **, were unleavened [the 12 "Tribes" (name characteristics) of Israel], and *renewed* every Sabbath day; we must *become* de-leavened as the COG [WE ARE THE SHEWBREAD], in *all* aspects of our lives, physically and spiritually [sincerity and truth], as companions of Christ and of each other !! - ALL MUST BE GIFTED AND PLACED ON THE *ONE* COMMON TABLE OF GOD(-ing) [the community], FOR ALL TO SHARE, WITHOUT MONEY [commodification], WITHOUT PRICE [systemic claim] [Isa 55:1] !!


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