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Mike Eggleston: What Has Happened In America?

What Has Happened In America?
by Mike Eggleston article link
Tuesday, November 10, 2009

After years of illegal wars, higher taxes, corruption and the beginning of the current Financial Crisis many people began to finally see, under the Bush Administration, that there was in fact a shadowy cabal of private bankers, openly calling for a New World Order (at one time thought to be pure "conspiracy") at the UN and G20 and by Think Tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations.

Bailout Legislation backed and written by special interests on Wall Street and the Private Central Bank (the "Federal" Reserve), and other corporations calling for Trillions of unlimited tax payer dollars claiming it was all needed in order to avert financial collapse. The blackmailing of a system, an entire country already in debt that was un-payable (and technically bankrupt) into believing that by handing over boatloads of money to the very people who systematically engineered the crisis that more pain could be avoided.

Then the promises of "Hope" and "Change" began to ring out. Distracted by chants of "yes we can" were millions of people as the economy was looted by the various shareholders in the Federal Reserve Central Bank and their Wall Street cronies. The Right was in a frenzy and the Left became hypnotized. Divide and Conquer tactics was being turned up to high, at a level never before seen in American politics. ...

News of Recovery from the Federal Reserve and US Puppet Government and complicit mainstream media is strong, Look! The Dow is up over 10K ...

All of it illusions, carefully designed to allow more time to shove an agenda down the throats of the American People, an economy propped up as $23 Trillion freshly printed bills and counting have been looted from the American people, total National Debt with all things considered now stands at around $100 Trillion (never ending un-payable debt - BANKRUPT) , Real Unemployment numbers are currently around 20% counting all those who can no longer collect benefits, stopped looking for jobs or were forced to take part time jobs. The Housing Market is not even close to bottoming out, the Job Market is 50-1 for every job available, and they are no where close to paying what the jobs that disappeared (and are never coming back) were. DHS is labeling Americans who are speaking out against the Government as "Extremists", while setting up FUSION Centers across the US, the Media and the "Left vs Right" is hijacking or spinning every grass roots protest and Liberty movement for their own agendas, while the "R's" say anything that might get them reelected next term and the "D's" shout and grumble like the previous administration at their critics. ...

The Corruption is so deep within every facet of our social and political and financial institutions that voting no longer works, its not the puppet politicians who write the legislation and bills anyways. Voting is merely a participatory act so the slaves still think they are actively deciding who gets to screw them over. We must obtain permits, pay fees and ask permission to do virtually everything involved in our personal lives, including our 1st amendment right to protest and peaceful assembly which makes it a privilege and no longer a right.

And people are labeled as "Extremists" when they talk about Revolution. They are ridiculed, mocked and feared for critical free thinking. Its not even about overthrowing the Government, since the Government ceased being that of the American Peoples long ago. It is about restoring liberty, freedom and any last hopes of saving our children and grandchildren from guaranteed slavery, from a World System built on corruption unthinkable and unwavering in conscience, and imagined (or warned about) for years only on the big screens of Hollywood.

The time has come for Non-Compliance, for Civil Disobedience, for the taking of the "Red Pill" and acknowledging what is in front of us. It should be clear as say to anyone at this point who chooses to think for themself. No more sugar coating, no more pretending we can fix this system by voting or the usual means, because that is wishful thinking, exactly like and no different from the Hope and Change rhetoric offered by the latest puppet of the New World Order cabal. Playing by rules designed to keep us confined without allowing real change to occur, is the definition of insanity, doing the same thing repeatedly expecting different results. ...

This is not to say we should stop protesting or exhausting every last means at our disposal, but we must be brutally honest at this point in the game. The current system is on life support, there is no saving it, only what will be a new system to rise in its place, hopefully guided by the virtues of compassion, liberty and truth. We must each be that change. There is no other way. We must not bow, bend or break to the tyranny that faces us, they would not have the kindness towards us if given the chance, and chances they have had.

The time is coming very soon, when the world will see clearly what those who sit in the Ivory towers have planned for all of us. I have already made my decision about where I stand. My Lines in the sand are drawn. We must not fear, or hastily make decisions. We must know that we stand at the point in history that will decide the fate of the world stage, do we go along with the evils we see because we feel they are bigger than us, or do we light the fire of liberty within our hearts and minds and stand as one against the darkness?

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