Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Place of Refuge 1

Political Parties are encased selfish doctrines/policies [vested claim], all variations of the one actual/overriding "party": the BUSINESS PARTY [corporate money(-ies) as sole means/instrumentality; the common denominator (denomination; corporate-domination/dominion)] !! - "democracy" [the people, to rule (rule of the ruled)] as a learned process, utilizing imposed corporate means, is a contradiction; democratic-fascism is the resultant/norm [accountable only to the means] - demon-ocracy [daemon: the dark wisdom, FAITH OF THE FALLEN, application of; a guardian spirit, inspiring or inner spirit (lesser; of evil); demiurge(-ic) (one who works for the people; creator, the material world): as ruling force, creative power (of evil; works *of* the world/kosmos)] -- demimonde n. [Fr demi (half; less than usual in size, power; DEMIGOD(-ing): a lesser god(-ing); offspring (of man and god) knowledge of good and evil) + monde (world; society), L mundus (world); any group whose activities are ethically questionable].


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