Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Larry LaBorde: Fight Back And Fire The Wall Street Banksters

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by Larry LaBorde

... There is a movement afoot to go back to local banking. Go to www.moveyourmoney.info and visit their site. Say no to the Potters of the banking world and yes to Jimmy Stewart. Look in your wallet right now. How many of you have credit cards issued from the big banks? How many of you have IRAs or other accounts with or do business with the big 6 banks in any way? (Morgan/Chase, Citi Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley). Fire them this month. Help make them smaller by removing your business from their banks. They will not even notice your loss but they will notice the loss of hundreds of thousands of customers leaving and going back to their local banks and credit unions. If they are "too big to fail" let's help them get smaller and make our national banking system healthier.

Most of the big 6 banks have quit or contracted their lending and are piling up all that TARP money on deposit at the Fed. Most local commercial banks and credit unions continue to lend in the local community. Go to www.solari.com and read Catherine Austin Fitts' articles on supporting your local community. It only makes sense after you read and think about the difference it makes in your long term quality of life. ...

Open up an account at a local bank or credit union. Check their rating out first at www.bankrate.com and choose a B rated bank or better. Go inside and meet them. Do not use the drive in too much. Go inside, shake hands and get to know each other. These people are your neighbors.

Grow up and cut up those credit cards (you know you have several) and use a debit card, write a check or even use CASH. The surest way to not overspend is to spend cash and to stop spending when you are out of it. Does the thought of cutting up your credit cards give you withdrawal symptoms? What about emergencies? Well how about doing what your grandfather did and keep a little cash close at home for emergencies. Hide a few hundred dollars at home and become your own ATM machine. Buy gold and silver for your long term savings and become your own central banker. Use the local bank for everything else.

Fight back and fire the Wall Street banksters. Pull your pension funds, IRAs, credit cards and other funds from the scam artists on Wall Street. One termite can not do much but thousands of us can make a difference. Support your local farmer, small businessman and local banker. You will live in a healthier community as a result.

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