Monday, January 18, 2010

Maintain The Rich At All Costs

MM Book 2 Chapter 10-14

** WICKED IRRESPONSIBILITY ** – WHO IS TO SUFFER, AND HOW MUCH ?? – economic decisions vs. the poor and disabled; maintain the rich at all costs, those who provide the systemic “capital” must be *provided* with the capital for the “benefit” of all: THE RICH ARE RICH FOR *OUR* BENEFIT IS THE CLAIM !! – “job” as social safety net, not assistance, yet there are a lack of jobs, and most that exist are “minimum” wage: THE SOCIAL SAFETY NET IS FULL OF HOLES, AND MANY ARE FALLING THROUGH !! – ** NO HUMAN LIFE HAS MINIMUM VALUE ** !! — MAMMON = THE CORPORATE, and everything done in its cause, ie., business, nationalism, infrastructure to maintain, enforce, etc., is absolute evil, plain-and-simple: ** OUR WHOLE LIFE SYSTEMIC IS EVIL **, AND THAT MEANS *WE* ARE EVIL, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US, WE ARE COMPLICIT !! — ECONOMIC GENOCIDE, the *death* of humanity [suicide]: CORPORATE ECONOMY IS THE DEATH OF *ALL* [incl., planetary life-support (biodiversity)] !!

MM Book 2 Chapter 10-15

Hopes and dreams based on money availability means that most will NOT realize their hopes and dreams: MONETARY PROSPERITY [hopes and dreams realized] FOR THE FEW MAINTAINED AT THE EXPENSE OF THE MANY [in despair and nightmare] !! — personal responsibility and self-reliance based on the corporate is impossible: the systemic requires you to “support” it, it does NOT want to support you ["self-reliant slavery" is a corporate definition: it is our responsibility to enslave ourselves]; THERE ARE *NO* SOLUTIONS WITHIN THE SYSTEMIC, THE SYSTEMIC IS THE PROBLEM, THE ILLNESS !! – MONEY DEFINES ALL !! – a cooperative society *cannot* be built on/by business; business is NOT cooperative, nor communal; BUSINESS NEGATES OUR VERY HUMANITY [our being and doing]: business is a “doing” without a “being” – THE “PROOF” IS IN THE PUDDING, LOOK AROUND, THE PUDDING IS RANCID !!

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