Monday, January 11, 2010

The Final Hour (41y8m): 1990-2031

For Your Consideration:

Four(4) Night Watches: even 6p-9p, midnight 9p-12a, cockcrowing 12a-3a [cry aloud], morning 3a-6a - final "hour" [1000/24] 41y8m [41.666667y / 500m] Psalm 119 "watches of the night", four(4) Watches [of 3 hours each]: ea. Watch = 10.41666675y = 10y5m = 125m / 3 hrs = 3.47222225 yrs [3y5m20d = 41m20d = 41.666667m] ...

W1 EVEN Jan.1990 + 10y5m = W2 MIDNIGHT May.2000 + 10y5m = W3 COCKCROWING [to shine, to shed light; voice, disclosure; trim wicks; Matt 24 witness] Oct.2010 *AT* MIDNIGHT [Psm 119:62, Matt 25:6] A CRY MADE + 10y5m = W4 MORNING Mar.2021 + 10y5m = Sep.2031 SUNRISE(6a) ...

Oct.2010 At Midnight (in the midst of) (Last Great Day/LGD Sep.30.2010; last Sabbath of the seven annual Holy Days) - The Midnight Hour (ref: Mammon or Messiah Book 2), Trim Wicks ...


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