Saturday, January 16, 2010

Re-Created in the Image of Man 1

"Increase" is a *gift* from God [the "land" shall yield her increase]; profit/usury is a taking of men [profit taking (earning)]; PROFIT MAKES EVIL PAY; profit is a denial of God's increase !! - "increase" is a blessing from God, a stewardship gift [reciprocal] from knowing and following God's Way of Life [of Christ(-systemic)] !! -- the Iraq/Afghanistan War is a "war of maintenance" [of the SAGE systemic]; MAMMON FEEDING ITSELF, TAKING FOR ITSELF !! - any form of "taking", any aspect of it, in *no* way reflects the character of God(-ing) [10C], it is theft: CHRIST IS A *GIFT* !! -- our "environment" [what we are surrounded in-and-by; physically/spiritually] is most important, our BEING and DOING determinant [esp., mental environment]; the "Kingdom of God" is the environment we must achieve, an environment of truth and peace, of righteousness, of agape gifting !! - politico-media inducement into an attitude [self-group think NOT God think] - double-speak [minded], not outright lying but avoiding the truth; sound "bites" measured in seconds, not a whole "meal" of conversation; rhetoric and verbal abuse, misleading metaphors, simple personifications [ie., Bush good, Saddam bad], over-simplification of complex issues for masking intentions; stigmatizing opposition [visuals; prejudiced imagery] - language on a "lower level" to stir the "base instincts" on which politico-business thrives !! - ** WE ARE INCLINED TO BE DECEIVED BY OUR SELFISHNESS [environ] ** !! - we should be ashamed to have been re-created in the "image of man".


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