Saturday, January 16, 2010

Re-Created in the Image of Man 2

Inundation by the unattainable [media message, advertising, etc.]; economic oppression and abuse - GOD *IS* ATTAINABLE !! -- the "limiting of life" vs. the ** RIGHT OF EXISTENCE ** GIVEN BY GOD !! - corporate money is of itself an evil [instrumentality]; we should abhor its use by us, and its (ab)use of us !! -- OUR LIFE [in all of its complexity], OUR LIVES, IS/ARE THE MOST PRECIOUS GIFT(S) WE HAVE; WE MUST DO ALL WE CAN TO *ENHANCE* EACH OTHER, BY GIFTING EACH OTHER; THIS IS THE WAY OF GOD, OF AGAPE LOVE !! -- exploring righteous aspects of ourselves that are hidden, undeveloped - life by-and-through the corporate Nation-State [systemic claim] is opposed [enemy of] to life by-and-through Christ(-systemic) !! - the deep psychosis(-sys), the psychological lock must be opened; the pure author-ity of the Word of God [authority *not* authoritarian; God is not the author(-ity) of confusion (Babylon); GOD IS SERVANT EXAMPLE] supersedes the imposed, polluted [vested interest; claim] author-ity of man [incl., the COG Inc.] !! - OUR INTELLIGENCE MUST BE DEEPENED [individual/collective vs. our surface interpretations, surface/sub-surface intelligence] !! - THE DEEP THINGS OF GOD, HEALING OF MIND !! - many walk in faith [yet, in error], but few walk in Spirit and in Truth [Being and Doing] !!


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