Saturday, January 30, 2010

Evil Growing Deeper 1

BBC: Iraq inquiry hears defiant Blair say: I'd do it again article link
BBC: Blair questions remain after Iraq evidence article link
Friday, 29 January 2010

Evil Growing Deeper

The threat to an Islamic future perception; humiliation deeply felt by many Arabs; Arab helplessness, vulnerability to western power/force is being exploited to "the extreme" - the "manner" of US/UK Policy was-and-is the determinant, the "promise/reaction" equation vs. an imposed corporate oil-garchy, and its new economy addressing Iraqi nationalism/tribalism; the psychological impact of continued US/UK occupation !! - the Sunni [many still Ba'athist] vs. the majority Shiite [Kurds 20% of population]; Sunni/Shiite violence / retribution [EVIL GROWING DEEPER; ROOTS OF CONTINUED CONFLICT] -- the "corporate" western perception continually voiced by the media [the rhyme and reason], is a shell of deception: the imposed [SAGE] systemic and their imposed compliant regime(s) [FREEDOM | BUSINESS]; LIBERATION BY SYSTEMIC ENSLAVEMENT !! - DEMOCRACY DOES *NOT* ARRIVE IN A TANK !! - WINNING A WAR DOES *NOT* EXCUSE IT, especially when you are cleaning up your own mess [and creating another in the process] !!

"Post-conflict reconstruction" in the image-and-likeness of the US/UK [the imposition of "democratic-fascism", the corporate "blare" (media), the unholy, burning (war systemic) "bush" continues - the secular Thorn Ministry: the SAGE] -- the Arab and Islamic "world" perception of the US/UK "agenda", the (self-)protection of [corporate] interest(s), remains: WAR DOES NOT CHANGE EMBEDDED PERCEPTION(S), IT SHARPENS AND STRENGTHENS THEM !! - the imposition claimed by self-proclaimed friends and liberators [occupation denied] of a compliant government does not give "legitimacy" to the corporate agenda in Iraq / Afghanistan [by-and-through democratic imperialism; a single, sovereign authority] -- deep fundamental change in the culture(s) of the Middle East has been, and will be, sought and achieved by MAMMON [war is the first stage in its imposition], first by the Mammonization of elites [already achieved], then the populace [removing the whip from the elites, and putting the whip in the hands of the slaves] - Islamic Mammon | Christian Mammon [claim; democratic gradualism | Mammonization]: Mammon is Mammon no matter the flavor - THE COMMODIFICATION OF LIFE [GOD] WILL HOLD MOST IN SERVITUDE TO, OR IN MAINTENANCE OF, MAMMON !! - people are *held and (ab)used* by the commodification of life !!


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