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The Spirit (Way) Of Life 3

MM Book 1 Chapter 4-5

Those within the hierarchy are guilty of "obstruction of justice," the *chain* of claim, of command vs. the liberation of humankind -- we are all complicit !! This is the first step, the realization that leads to the conversion process (EMANCIPATORY SPIRITUALITY, CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION):

* awareness, realization, alternatives;
* humility, a contrite heart [Isa. 66, "to this man will I look"];
* seeking truth, the beginning of conscientious objection to the corporate;
* a comprehensive critique of society; a process of refusals and developing critique; changing one's personal life, "everyday life," is ultimately the motivation for changing society [our only weapon is our refusal];
* if we're to come to grips with transforming this world, then we'd better get used, not to living with contradictions, but to striving with and against them, and make sure that we make the optimal use of our creative capacities to overcome them;
* seeking solutions, dialogue, co-intelligence, a shared experience, Circles Of REliance [CORE] group(s);
* expatriation and repudiation; we cannot serve two masters, it is either God or Mammon !!
* the communitarian way, the Kingdom of God.

MM Book 1 Chapter 4-25

The Gospel is NOT a product, it is a way of life; the ekklesia, the church, is NOT a corporate structure, it is a social organism, a community of thought guided by God; we have been enslaved by a system, a category of thought (the hierarchical), the false way, the wrong (with its apparent evils all around us) vs. the true, the right, the community-congregation [our inherent right]; a simple, earnest, free Christianity based on *equality* [neither Jew nor Greek, neither bond nor free, neither male nor female - *all one* in Christ Jesus], eldership (servant leadership), personal zeal (sincerity), the teachings of Christ and the gifts of God [Galatians 4:31 So then, brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman, but of the *free*; 1 Peter 4:10 As every man hath received the gift, [even so] minister the same one to another [ COMMON MINISTRANT ], as *good stewards* of the manifold grace of God].

A strong appeal to the religious conscience of the individual enlightened by scripture (DEFINED BY AGAPE LOVE); an exalted conscience and the Bible at the expense of clerical intercession [secular and religious; man in the way of God]; truth, love, and conduct; God's continuing creativity in our thoughts and deeds. God is the author of our salvation and of creation NOT man and his structures - the ekklesia strives to be worthy of the family name [for this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom *the whole family* in heaven and earth *is named*]; belief on His name [IN AND OF SALVATION AND THE ANOINTING, HEALING AND THE RESPONSIBILITY) carries with it all of the responsibilities and privileges of what His name(s) imply; we partake of the name(s), *they are our own*. The ekklesia is open and free, with a pure as crystal transparency that allows the Holy Spirit to shine through.

God's Names: Our Responsibilities web page
God's Names: Our Responsibilities MM research blog

Ye are the Temple of God, Ye Cannot Serve God and Mammon

MM Book 1 Chapter 4-26

What fellowship, what communion, what concord, what possible agreement can we have with the unrighteousness of Mammon? No man can serve two masters. We are commanded by God to come out from among this evil world, to separate, not touching the unclean thing [the corporate construct], not to be *unequally* yoked together. We are instructed to build *together* (AS EQUALS; EQUITY) for an habitation of God through the Spirit, the household of God, fitly framed together as fellow citizens in the Kingdom of God, as sons and daughters in the very Family of God !! ... [The spiritual and the physical are reflections of each other, they are lived and experienced together - the physical application applies to the spiritual, and the spiritual to the physical - they are one-and-the-same !!]

Mammon or Messiah Book 1 Chapter 4 web page


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