Saturday, October 24, 2009

Communitarian Alternative: Open_Notes 10

raising interest rates vs. inflation is a contradiction - raising rates raises mortgages, loans, etc., leading to labor urges for increased income, and for retailers to raise prices which leads to inflation --
4-5% of the money stock comes from government (notes, coins), 95% from bank lending (debt); currency = debt token -- globalization = cross-transfer of nearidentical goods vs. producing, consuming locally - TNC controlled; WTO is not an impartial body, ie., GM food industry vs. precautionary principle (burden of proof on the protestors not the producers) - GM foods part of a trend of mass produced, centralized, bulk transport of food (corporate excuse to combat lack of food worldwide - in reality not want of food, butwant of money to purchase the food) -- debt to supply money > cheapness of products (economy run on debt) - mass produced, cheap goods, processed foods (chemicals added to preserve profits) - GM foods cheaper, lasts longer, ie., tomato's (ripens longer on shelf).

destructive economics vs. efficient use of resources; non-durable products; continual waste of livelihoods -- money need not be created by private debt; government has the obligation to issue money without debt (a safe and uniform currency) -- massive reform needed; this is an important message and needs to be reported responsibly -- modern capitalism = lending capitalism (borrower-lender-return); debt-based financial system (individual incomes, lives massively depleted); government control of currency is NOT communism -- western governments sell bonds to banks, banks issue credit; government does not print money; government power lies in taxation and expenditure not in currency issue -- "COMER" a study in economic reform (Canada). -- [based on Michael Rothbotham, uk author, "The Grip of Debt", pub. Christian Council of Monetary Justice]

eCommerce WWW (World Without Walls) global market - WTO = global corporate power concentration; reflects the worst not the best; human rights and the environment sacrificed on the altar of free trade -- democracy subordinated; corporations-national states claim democracy defined on trade.

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