Saturday, October 31, 2009

Unlocking The Authority From Within: Open_Notes 2

the role of geography is connected to ideologies; cognitive dissonance, irreconcilable differences; wildly differing memories - discrepancy in representations; felt separation, opposition (sense); existentialist dilemma - ethnic separations (pure states ??); partitions reproduce the conflicts they were intended to replace - human complexity; irreconcilable differences cannot be solved but there must be mediation, solution; reconciliation between different areas of experience; correspondences (categories) -- the notion of social territory; domain; materiality (share and contest) vs. the urgent need for a secular (non-religious; non-national; non-either/or) consciousness to assess the dogmas, the distorted logic's (the logic of false dichotomies; the -ism's) -- all human experience cannot be reduced to one geography and one identity (human history of migration and mixture not of settlement) -- we must accept to accentuate and highlight and deepen the collective experiences of the past; to see conflicts as differing communities of suffering; antagonisms must be illuminated; painful memories must be overcome; life must go on.

neo-liberalism, globalization vs. communal coexistence - corporate defense and security apparatus -- equitable and humane community is a task we all must be committed to vs. "I versus you"; the growing distinction between the "haves" and the "have not's"; the mythology of scarcity promulgated by the corporations; the problem is one of distribution, entitlement NOT scarcity -- education is paramount vs. the nationalist, the "I" - new ways of thinking needed (belonging, stability); the ebb and flow of historical currents vs. fixed communities - identities always overlap; a more fluid conception is needed vs. identity stubbornness; the world is interdependent; education must overcome NOT reinforce national identities (the corporate definition).
-- [Notes 1,2] [based on NPR, Alternative Radio, professor Edward Said, "Unresolved Geographies, Unresolved Landscapes", author of "Orientalism", and "The Pen and the Sword", Dec.99]

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