Saturday, October 31, 2009

Unlocking The Authority From Within: Open_Notes 3

anarchist violence (ie., Seattle-WTO, Nov.99 and many examples since) alienates the mainstream population - we must provide an alternative, outflank the corporate society, surround it, engulf it, using "non-violent" education (Gospel preached) and example (witness); have I gone too far or have others not gone far enough ?? - we are what we are, but who determines what we are ?? - we have to go beyond the point that others will not go; we must move beyond the distinctions between our physical and spiritual existence, ie., "USURP" (United States Urban Revolutionary Project to take back America), "rev" up your politics (2nd American Revolution), a "living movement" of direct democracy [consensus]; civitas vs. the temporary SAGE accommodation with representative democracy (truly a contradiction in terms) - community kindred vs. SAGE society's kin_dread - citizen_steward vs. subject-consumer -- know_ledge; committing knowledge suicide; falling off the ledge, not wanting to know - rogation [question, prayer, entreaty; in ancient Rome a proposal of law to be passed or rejected by the people] vs. abrogation of responsibility; rogationist, rogationism (question all; the finding of answers; seeking truth)
-- the devil is in the details; we have institutionalized the devil in our non-consensual dogmatic organizations - the SAGE are of Abraham's seed physically but are of Satan's seed spiritually.

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