Saturday, October 24, 2009

Communitarian Alternative: Open_Notes 4

modernity = science and technology, disciplines of a liberalized society to post-modernism - moral relativism, situational ethics, anything goes - self-absorbed, self-referenced society - deep loss of confidence leading to neurosis, obsessing - authenticity; each human being has his own way of being human; breaking apart the structures, the older codes of behavior leading to uncertainty; lack of settlement in life; anguish; loss of direct supports in life; lack of something to lean on; depth of uncertainty increasing.

the real self, the authentic vs. the conditioned self -- limiting beliefs vs. new enlightenment - we are all a work-in-progress; accept yourself, accept mistakes, forgive yourself and learn from them -- embrace the best of who you are, empower yourself, live a balanced and fulfilled life, a whole person -- people are much more than just a physical image; all must be treated with the respect that God expects -- revitalize, nurture, feed - turn off the aging process, turn on life -- revitalizing the mind; thought/emotion/feeling - the number one killer or healer is the mind - we have been conditioned to react, not reason (to outside stimulation's); focus on the essential qualities of life not the unessential; harmonize; pause; the little things are not consequential, don't make them so; anger does not solve problems - stress must be overcome; it leads to disease, and aging (actually causes neuron degeneration and death) -- an eclectic synthesis - thought remediation -- we are not consumers, we are citizens !! - tomorrow's potentials are far greater than today's limitations.

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