Wednesday, October 28, 2009

State of Our World: Open_Notes 1

global housekeeping; conscious responsibility for the health of our planet vs. globalization gone wrong: global misery, the elite in their bastions, anarchic parts of the world written off as no-go zones, poor regions enslaved, environmentally devastated regions hungry and thirsty; all this is happening now !! - the splitting of society [money as weapon; weaponized; global genocide in the name of corporate profit; democracy = corporate fascism, the apex of self-interest (path away from God), evil incarnate, the bottomless pit !!]

an intermediate term goal vs. a corporate sponsored world domination; the WTO is part of the global economic architecture 1973-1990s; part of the attempt to continue at an accelerated pace neo-liberalism, efficiency gains, rising productivity, trickle-down-benefits; considered inevitable; corporate sponsored globalization - WTO attempt to implement the MAI/capital liberalization - the Asian economic crisis summer 1997, escalated summer 1998; primarily caused by the changes in the global economy that allowed a vast pool of global wealth to wander the globe unfettered, settle and then leave at a moments notice; nothing has changed as a result of the crisis; the neo-liberalizers have resisted any changes, the prominent players [the SAGE], they continue to run the show, ie., Rubin, Greenspan & c., but internal critics, prominent economists are increasingly vocal; the world's economy is being held hostage to speculative wealth.

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