Saturday, October 24, 2009

Communitarian Alternative: Open_Notes 6

America (and by extension Canada) is an ideal; the ideal no longer exists -- America *is* its people; its people *are* America -- America is no longer a reality; America has ceased to exist; America must be withdrawn from the corporate private_money system to be reborn; the American System with its public_money system, communitarian and constitution values must be reinstated - the American people have been usurped of their *rights* under the corporate system -- corporate government and politicians at all levels must be disbanded and community "citizen assemblies", with a federated "people's congress" must be instituted in its place -- the individual is his own representative in the consensus process.

violence must be avoided; you don't fight the Beast by becoming a beast yourself; non-violent EXPATRIATION is a must -- people have been mislead, even most in power - a massive educational effort must be initiated - people must be reacquainted with the American System as *ideal*, founded and based on God's Word - each citizen as teaching ministrant; study circles -- the American Dream must be awakened; the dream must become reality; we have been lulled into a very restless, deep sleep; the nightmare must end !!

a focus on the the social message - there is no shortage of persons preaching the Gospel message - the social message is the other side of the coin - the communitarian values inherent within the Gospel message - the spiritual and physical are inextricably intertwined together, they cannot be separated and must be lived and experienced together, there is only one way; to conquer others is to know power, to conquer yourself is to know the way [the return of Christ's social message; the communitarian church; the human_organism] -- the spiritual focus in all aspects of life [the 10C] is primary, the spiritual nature in each of us; cities thick with people need to be stirred; the begettal of physical society, a transformation from the ground up; truth planted, nurtured, harvested; conversion is a process.

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