Monday, October 26, 2009

State of Our World: Open_Notes 20

beyond capitalism to ecological rationalism -- each society has its own way of relating to nature, its own [historical] patterns, including diseases, ie., nutritional stress; each has its own pattern of knowledge and ignorance -- military preeminence combined with economic decline leads to military intervention to ensure economic preeminence, ie., WTO, etc. -- systems theory sees a network of interacting processes; the boundaries of study disciplines must be crossed to understand -- homeostasis [why things are the way they are]; self-regulating processes at work [negative feedbacks] - a society is an eco-social mode of production and reproduction; systems of justifications produced to expand [ie., white man's burden; convert the heathen; manifest destiny; maintenance of freedom, etc.] - knowledge is now a commodity, and treated, used just as any product is !! [GOD IS KNOWLEDGE; GOSPEL AS PRODUCT] -- AN ECO-SOCIAL DISTRESS SYNDROME, a malaise permeating humanity - corporate utility, profit motives - ** abuse of rights creates conflict, not resolving the abuses ** [the corporate are to blame, not the ones rejecting them !!]

a massive waste of human capacity; the ability of each of us to think and contribute is severely limited; much of the intellectual capacity of humanity is wasted - the range to exercise ingenuity is restricted, institutionalized, copyrighted: UNDERMINED HUMANITY !! - much of what happens in our lives is a side-effect of the economy !! - natural disasters are magnified by our living situations ie., living on flood plains, on the sides of volcano's, crowded slums, etc. - "good for the economy" results in a loss of capacity to deal with disaster; inequality, the basic disempowerment of the people; constitutionalized mechanisms to nullify the rights of the people guaranteed by the same constitution - debate has been replaced by the purchase of public-relations.

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