Saturday, October 31, 2009

Unlocking The Authority From Within: Open_Notes 1

schemes of partition - ravages of identity politics - new forms of communal relationships needed - divided spaces vs. open_spaces - the conflict of peoples and memories - resolution in division, partition vs. resolution in cooperation, harmony - the legacy of empire unforgiving (ie., the mid-east); the pathology of power vs. nationalism - the UK divide and quit policy resulted in communal struggle to partition - immemorial hatreds engendered; disharmony - selected, abridged national narratives; divergent stories from the same sources tend to block out one another; the investments made in each story, the costs and miseries; when considered one is verwhelmed and staggered; there is no way to contain all these many histories; construction of identities result in distortion; exterminating or coexisting is dependent on the degree of distortion -- the attempt to take one's mind from the world vs. thinking; to think is to ignore differences, to consider; must memory and identity exist to the concision of the other (the person; the society) - a serious effort to confront, to work through, to build a new consensus from and on it (the effort) -- reintegration vs. living off conflicts and division; secular civic struggles.

the importance of secular citizenship vs. fractionalist, falsifying, contradictory memories; determinants in the construction of identity, coherence, coexistence; a return - identity is a burden, an inhibitor; national consciousness must be converted into social consciousness - identity is something that must be gotten over - collective past and identity are the result of conscious reconstruction open to manipulation; roles redefined (creative reconstruction; narrow narratives) to justify present desires, dominance (a reinforcing role); national systems of history all teach that its history is the center of the world vs. the universality of humankind (an ideological construction of a form of education); diversity ignored; clash of definitions taking place all over the world; cultural difference are always unsettled, and always connected to arenas of power.

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