Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unlocking The Authority From Within: Open_Notes 24

but does that mean that we are not to act at all, overwhelmed by the prospect?; this is what we constantly hear when we advance a radical thesis; as if the only mode of action were political! - anarchy first implies conscientious objection: to everything that constitutes our capitalist (or degenerate socialist) and imperialistic society; conscientious objection is objection not merely to military service but to all the demands and obligations imposed by our society: to taxes, to vaccination, to compulsory schooling, etc., we must unmask the ideological falsehoods of the many powers, and especially we must show that the famous theory of the rule of law which lulls the democracies is a lie from beginning to end; the state does not respect its own rules; we must distrust all its offerings; we must always remember that when it pays, it calls the tune.

an important point which must be emphasized is that there have to be many efforts along the lines suggested, ie., the objection to taxes: naturally, if individual taxpayers decide not to pay their taxes, or not to pay the proportion that is devoted to military expenditures, this is no problem for the state; they are arrested and sentenced; in a matter of this kind, many people have to act together; if six thousand or twenty thousand taxpayers decide upon this type of action, the state is put in an awkward position, especially if the media are brought in; but to make this possible there has to be lengthy preparation: campaigns, conferences, tracts, etc.; whenever such ventures are made, they need to be organized apart from the political, financial, administrative, and legal authorities and on a purely individual basis.

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