Friday, October 30, 2009

Unlocking The Authority From Within: Open_Notes 12

corporate_eugenics; seeking to improve humanity by breeding from the fitter stocks - the denial of basic human needs and the belief that we can be everything we want to be (only if you fit within the narrow confines of the corporate definition) - social Darwinism, "the idea that in a laissez-faire capitalist economy the strong will out compete the weak, resulting in general improvement of the population, inspires political agendas today - in this view, the poor should not be aided in their struggle for existence so as not to upset the natural order" [Sci-American, "The End of Nature versus Nurture", Dec.99, p.98]; the danger from the extreme, the biological determinism of the Nazis and the social engineering of the Soviet Communists, to place the collective above the individual, have been widely accepted as failed, excised from the collective human consciousness; yet we now see human behavior determined by the emmonic [emotion/money psychosis(sys)], an economic incentive structure appealing to the worst in human nature, equating individuality as promoting the greater good; the ultimate in social engineering; massive indoctrination apparatus (the corporate media, advertising, education system, psychology, etc.); the SAGE have done the Nazis and Soviets proud, utilizing (and planning to utilize, ie., biological determinism) the most efficient machinations of their underlying selectionist ideology to place the new collective (corporations) above the individual -- any attempt to redefine humans can be carried only so far before a counter-movement will seek to balance cultural trends with evolved human inclinations.

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