Saturday, October 24, 2009

Communitarian Alternative: Open_Notes 3

a Nation-State is a corporate entity controlled by a few for one purpose only, the generation and control of wealth - a new organization needed - sovereign communities; control in the hands of the public(-Nation) -- Government, the Presidency, White House, etc. = focal points for the public, media - SAGE interface, mask -- wisdom begins when we accept what we don't know -- governments, banks, corporations = the key emmonic [emotion/money marriaged together; the psychosis(sys)] mechanism's; the OS - the professions, trades, jobs are the applications; we are the functions -- the SAGE control the keyboard; the media is the limited, extremely course display (not fine-point, crystal-clear), opaque as possible -- we need new hardware, a new OS, new applications, and open access - an overall new design !!

1990s US defense budget = x5 the combined total of all her potential enemies - the SAGE MIIM [Military Industrial Intelligence/(Legal) Matrix] -- Americanada, Israeurope Inc. are in private hands for private benefit -- the wages of war are enormous = 1T$/yr - the lucrative business of war -- created enemies in the "national interest" of the SAGE; next is the American people; America making an enemy of her own citizens !!

"anarcom os" - how do you bring the world to a standstill ?? -- Americanada Inc.'s business *is* business -- the concept of a free society is being gradually withdrawn as it is no longer in the SAGE interest -- petition of government for redress of grievances useless - the actions of a few leading to the suspension of rights for the majority; suspension of the Constitution when it suits the powers-that-be -- this is NOT freedom, these are tactics of a Fascist-State, ie., the chaos, mayhem caused by the police tactics of breaking up large masses into manageable groups [Seattle-WTO, Nov.30-Dec.01.99]; innocent citizens caught among the violent (the police have the ability to selectively excise any violent protesters; waiting to do so, to have an excuse to suspend civil rights, is criminal) - yet, we must stand in solidarity with the Police Officers, they are our brothers and sisters, they have been used and abused, in some circumstances, by those in authority [chained by command] to, in effect, turn on the very citizens they swore to protect - the government does NOT have the right to determine when "freedom of speech" has spoken enough; their actions speak volumes - a narrow (narrowing; restricted) democracy vs. the open_commons.

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