Tuesday, October 27, 2009

State of Our World: Open_Notes 17

we have to turn our lights on if we are to see where we are headed in this darkened world [God is light; it is His light that we need (our headlights)] -- GNP, our Grosser National Product, nothing is more gross than environmental destruction on a massive scale that makes the GNP possible - everyone knows there are limits on this growth but no one has the answer; a *cost* -benefit analysis of growth is necessary !! - a market economy does not tell us the truth; massive subsidies are employed [corporate welfare], ie., energy costs, transportation, etc. -- 1. the corporate structure has the rights of a person but there was *no conscience* put into that person; legal *responsibility* to society and the environment must be mandated [corporatus (to make into a body; consciousness): Corporatio/Communitas/Christianitas: private community, public community, fellowship community, the Family of God: evil/human/Holy SPIRIT CONSCIENCE/ entitas; entity (being, existence)] 2. massive waste must be avoided; performance standards, criteria must be established 3. we must enter an era of ** restoration ** - we must *think new*, we must support and extend that support for new possibilities - we must rebuild our life-support system that we are destroying; ** human symbiosis is needed ** -- "back to the source" waste management [symbiotic waste as food], ie., Sony TV back to Sony, GM car back to GM, etc., corporate responsibility for its lasting manufacturing impact -- opportunities for the restoration of our 3-billion year-old life-systemic are endless !! -- [based on NPR, Alternative Radio, David Brower, environmentalist, d. Nov.05.00 at 88 years, founder of Earth Island Institute; "Visions of the Environmental Movement", Jan.13.01, [with inserts]]

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