Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unlocking The Authority From Within: Open_Notes 27

the government plays by two rules: 1. you have to play by *their* rules 2. you *have* to play !! -- IT IS TIME TO CHANGE THE RULES !! -- alternative currencies not only implies means of exchange but also currency of thought and action !! - a society where deep meaning has no relation to deep pockets - in a virtuous cycle the more we learn the more we will be able to extrapolate, hypothesize and understand - multi-disciplinary; our ability to study, etc.; formed in my/our perspective; the question of consciousness; ignorance limits the imagination (the possible seems impossible) - our own common sense; heightened senses; do our interests, knowledge, heighten or lower our sensibilities (passive or active) ?? - people tend to place conclusions in other people's remarks instead of drawing conclusions from the remarks instead; we have to seek common_meaning; the sense of self-ownership, community-self -- there is an uneasy fit between the individual mind and the society in which it is embedded; small and large scale phenomena; confronting the self; introspection; what are our analytical techniques, ie., religion ??

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